tisdag 23 november 2010

To play with clay

It is very easy to get hooked working with clay
As my artist  friend Kia sai´s  " if You start it only grows "
I have 4 different kind of clays and about 12 glaces and 20 underglaces
My favorites are the dark brown stone were clay and porcelain clay / the last one shrink VERY much  up to 25 % actually as I often have to fire high with my friends stuff
First time I got the finished stuff out of the kiln I was kind of chocked :-O
colors and sooo small ..took some hours to connect back to the pieces :)
Also they do look so much more when in use 
porcelain  with under glaces and transparent glossy finish glace

very light brown -dark brown clay with light colored glaces
a mix of clays with darker underglaces
dark brown clay with blue and bronze glaces

those are some nice glaces from Mayco I would love to try

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