tisdag 29 januari 2013

1000 pieces

It is not my heart that is broke .. :-)

but I have about 1000 pieces of ceramic out there spread around the world......woowww
never imagined that when I started making them ..for myself was the idea, but as Im  productive and You do not fire 3-4 pieces at the time the piles grew quickly ...

I want to thank all my lovely costumers who support my development of art beads
 IT IS YOU who helps me along by buying and giving feedback  to me  THANK YOU

This is one of my favorites

I started out making romantic pieces and Im getting more and more tribal ..

To celebrate the 1000 pieces  I am having a BIG sale in the supply shop with 40 % of 
code in the shop
Sale starts tomorrow at my birthday  :-)

  60.... hm....how did that happen so fast ??

Thank you for visiting

so much love