lördag 26 oktober 2013

ABS October Challenge as simple as can be......

I did not post in a very long time
and I did not participate in any challenges ....
but it is time to return ...

And I made a very simple style necklace with art beads and leather for this months challenge ! 
All from nature..clay and leather  :-)

Simple.... actually because Im somtimes thinking jewelry is getting to complicated with all this mixed media out there...

focal I made myself  in ceramic
and the bigger beads are made by Nan Emmet at Spirited earth
smaller beads from blueberriebeads
and flower Raku fired beads by Dorcas at Wondrousstrange designs
deer skin is hand cut by a friend in US 

And this is the art that inspired me
 I do love it !!

Owl on Gingko Branch (Scops Owl Under Crescent Moon) 1915
Ohara Koson
Woodblock Print on Paper

I did get a heart attack in August ( I could never have guessed... as Im not the type for that.. slim no high blood pressure or anything..  but stress is a dangerous thing and I have had plenty of that for many years)
Most problems I have now is with the ulcers from the meds they gave me at hospital
so Im still far from my  "normal" me..
lost over 14 pounds and was slim before
but Im slowly getting stronger and have been able to create a little...

Thank You for stopping by

much love