lördag 30 april 2011

Tulip and Opel

Well needed car wash was on my list today (did not do it for the hole long winter)
and I really did it to :)
very nice to clear more from the list I had now for some days.....

also picked a pretty flower from the garden....


onsdag 20 april 2011

Dancing Angel

OH MY GOD !! :)
This song is gorgeous!!
AND I am very proud to see one of my Healing Angels
dancing on this lovely artists ( Daniel) chest
on the reddish shirt / part 2 of the song

tisdag 19 april 2011


What a change from this hard, cold and very snowy winter

I do love those flowers spreading in grass :)  *Scilla * color is gorgeous and stronger than in this photo

Some months ago .........

fredag 15 april 2011

Helping spirits find the light

Today I did spend lots of hours at an estate in the countryside
some miles from where I live
I use to clean and help in distance mostly
but this is a very special and beautiful place
with many houses left from very old times  16-th century  (1500 talet)
My head is still spinning from all different energies around and in  the houses
and still there is a lot of work left to make the place more peaceful...
.....tonight I will try to  ( with the help of my guardian angels) talk to some of the spirits I found there and see if they need help to rest in the light...

fredag 8 april 2011

REDOX (Swedish and English) very interesting ( new ?) type of glaze !

är en speciell sorts glasyr / ett mellanting mellan glasyr och angobe
som man kan lägga på både skröjbränd lera och rå lera
Fantastiskt spännade att testa och jag har hunnit köra 2 olika bränningar sen i måndags när jag fick dom olika färgerna (pulver) i små påsar 6 olika nyanser
Man kan även dra upp dom i olika temperaturer mellan 1050 och 1250 grader C  för olika nyanser
lär ta ett tag att lära sig / den som skulle bli turkos blev mörkgrön med mini inslag av turkos tex...:)
men mina provbränningar har gett mig en hel del gosaker att använda i smyckena mm....

A special kind of glace ( from Germany) that can be used on raw clay as well as bisque fired and in a wide range of  top temp / You can also dilute them heavily as 1/6  powder water!! still get nice colors ...
1922-2282 F / they work intimit with the clay and give a lot of different shiftings in diff. temp and clays..
Mostly they are silk-matte but they can also be shiny like the copper toned was when I  fired it in a single firing  ...some look a lot like leather and most of the testing even if not as I "expected" came out just fine :)

You can click on the images if You like a closer look !

söndag 3 april 2011

Under the snow........:) and :(

I found this in one of my * pallkragar* ......growing beds for vegetables.....:)
I do grow those Pansys also but they are so nice to spread themselves here and there..THANK YOU !
I am afraid that my hedge is deformed from all the snow and especially the snow they shoveled up from the street into my garden :(   this is the corner of my hedge!

fredag 1 april 2011