torsdag 13 december 2012

December Challenge on the ABS-blog

I have not made any jewelry for the monthly challenges on the ABS blog for a very long time
So I decided to change that and this month I contribute with this bracelet 
"I am not my feelings "  part of my new line Sacred Self Jewelry with Affirmation cards....

 I have used my own ceramic bracelet focal and lots of gorgeous lamp-work drops made by my dear friend  Cece  Courmier   =   The beading Yogini 

I did choose the blue scale from the inspirational art and strung it all on leather cord. Lots of Czech glass beads added and some bone and metal spacers + one tribal copper bead..
Brass chain at the end a bit beaded and closes with the lobster to adjustable length

Sleeping Beauty by Erté, 1983
26 1/2" x 33" Serigraph
 Thank You for stopping by


söndag 18 november 2012

The Winner of the Give-away and I got published

First I want to thank all participants who made those incredible creations for the HOP  and those who took the time to look at the Mother Earth blog hop!
Actually Mother earth interfered with this hop as 3 of the participants did not get their  ceramic parts in time !! They traveled for 4 weeks instead of about 1 week due to storm SANDY

  I have used a random number generator on the net today to get a winner for those two pendants and it is 

Sharon Borsavage
congrats to You !!
Will send them out soon...

Also Im happy to say that my goal of 500 sales is made and I passed 600 just now....
A BIG thank You to all the lovely customers who support my work

And a surprise ..
I was published in   Nov. issue of   Bead Trends mag.
I have been published about my jewelry design in Swedish magazines and even interviewed in the local radio in 2006  but this is the first time abroad ;
with my ceramic parts in gorgeous creations made by Andria McKee  (Thank You)
I knew about the angel pendant but not that my dragonfly bracelet focal also was in the magazine

 A very nice surprise when I finally got my issue in the mail a few days ago  :o)

Finally a picture from a part of Mother Earth I like very much and use to walk around often ..the woods in my little village..

Thanks for stopping by

fredag 9 november 2012

Celebrating Mother Earth reveal and blog HOP

Welcome to a tour around the world ..well some parts of it..!
So...finally the day is here for a small celebration of our planet
Our  Mother Earth
Nasa picture

and I think the time chosen is good with all strange weather going on around the planet........

A wake up call for us to take better care of what is "under our feet" and the host of our physical bodies down here...

In this post I will show what four different artists ( including me) made with those special ceramic pieces as focals and  further down in the post You will find the list of the other participants with blogs  !
A BIG thank You to the participants and those of You taking the time to look around  It has been so much fun and I look forward to see the rest of the creations...

well :-) 

time  to look at what all the lovely artists participating in this challenge have been working on ...
You will find links to Etsy shops if You click on the names of the artists !! 

Starting with my friend
Julie Thelen who was one of the winners of the ceramic parts from the original post. She made this gorgeous necklace...with river stones, silk, silver and more..

This is what she writes about it ;
The necklace comprises the following "natural" elements from different parts of the world:
- Silk ribbon
- Sterling silver wire and handcrafted links
- Beach stones from Lake Michigan
- Recycled glass disk beads from Ghana, Africa
- Modern Indo-Pacific glass beads, handcrafted in Indonesia using an old technique ("ancestors" of seed beads)
- Recycled glass rondelles from Java Island in Indonesia
- Beads handsculpted from polymer clay, textured, buffed and aged -- made by Fox at One Urban Tribe (etsy) in New Hampshire
- Rustic porcelain disk beads, handmade by Ginny at Ginpins (etsy) in California 
-and the pièce de résistance... Ceramic Mother Earth focal by my dear friend, Birgitta Lejonklou in Sweden

And now something different with a bracelet focal won by the  artist Kaushambi Shah   now on her way to India to get married  (how romantic is that!!) ..She made this wonderful feminine  "Festive Earth Goddess Bracelet" with pearls and silk and more  while preparing to fly home for the marriage .........

she writes ;
 Hi Birgitta,
First of all THANK YOU very much for picking me - thoroughly enjoyed designing with this lovely focal :)

"Festive Earth Goddess Bracelet" is a delicate mix of pastel and earth tones to celebrate a wedding, the holiday season or happy occasion!

To enhance the soft pastel green of the ceramic focal showing the calm and bountiful countenance of the Earth Goddess, I have designed with champagne pearls, amazonite beads, antiquated brass chain and matte gold sari silk ribbon.
While the ceramic focal truly celebrates Mother Earth and her bounty, the pearls, amazonite, silk and brass remind us of the multitude and variety she offers us.

Next in line of talented artists is Lynn Ferro
who made this fantastic piece to a very special lady who is the lucky  owner of it now. Just got a message from her that is it even  more beautiful IRL ! 
Lynn writes ;
I tried to use all natural materials given the theme of Mother Earth; hemp twine, sea shells, glass beads, coconut shell, paper bead from African, bury seed, silk, bone, carved soap stone  and natural Howlite.

And finally I have my Mother Earth necklace to show You
" Do I dare to open my eyes"

I have been working wit natural un-waxed eco linen here and I did LOVE it :-) + bone wood, my ceramic button, lampwork beads and Czech glass beads in that ancient looking new style hard to resist. Also added some pearly beads to bring out the feminine side ! It is a long one and hard to capture in pictures ..You can recognize the focal from my header on the blog ..been holding on to it..
I have braided some and a small part is macrame ...
Working a bit with needle and linen reminds me of when I was Young before I got my kids and did a lot of embroidery  and even made laces using one of those knyppeldyna (swedish)

Also I have a 25% OFF SALE in my supply shop during the weekend !
The code You will find in the shop!

And a giveaway of those focals :

 I will randomly draw a winner of this focal next weekend! You only have to leave a comment to be in!

Well...that was all jewelry for todays HOP on this post and the rest You will find in the list below

The List of BLOGS :
Emma Todd

Cece Courmier
 Margareta Saari
Toltec Jewels 
Birgitta Lejonklou

Thank You so much for taking Your time to visit  and I love comments of course :-)

in peace and love

well I add this song to the post now as I have been interested in "saving the world"since High School 
Did buy this record on a trip to England 1969  just when man landed on the moon .....and I am afraid the world is far from cleaner now!!!
I am a member of Green Peace but wold like to  do more! 


lördag 3 november 2012

A piece of Mother Earth and some updates for the HOP next SATURDAY

 A piece of mother Earth

 This is LAVA from Island my daughter Lina brought home to me this summer. She went to work for some months over there and I asked her to pick some rocks for jewelry if possible...

 This is a picture from Gullfoss

and Vatnajökull where she picked this perfect one with hole..that I am working on a necklace with now..

 Lina has lots of beautiful pictures from Island in the header for her blog if You want more...

I do love this pictures with Island horses

And now about the Celebrating Mother Earth Challenge


on my blog

Kaushambi Shah 
Julie Thelen
Lynn Ferro 
and me

and those with blogs
here is the list I am testing now.. 

Birgitta Lejonklou
  Emma Todd
Inge Traud
Sandra Wollberg
Cece Courmier
Jenny Davies-Reazor     Is not going to make it
Margareta Saari
Toltec Jewels
Jean Wells   did not get her focal in time I am so sorry to say :-((((   It has been travelleing for 4 !! weeks ...very strange..and sad!

Any problems with links or other things about this..
did I forget someone?
 contact me 
I need pictures of course  of the jewelry I am going to post here :-)

mail :

I am so thrilled about this and cant wait to see what all talented artists come up with!! :-)

and...I am not at all finished with my jewelry for the hop....just like some of You..

see You all on SATURDAY  10 NOVEMBER !!
Thank You very much to those willing to play along  and those who like to watch

lots of love

måndag 8 oktober 2012

Winners of the free focals for Celebrating Mother Earth Challenge

Yesterday I ran a random pick for those interested in the Mother Earth Challenge and blog hop .
The winners are:

Beaditi  /  USA   no blog= will be in my post
A Polymer Penchant  /  Canada
Sandra / Germany
Julie  /   USA  no blog = will be in my post
IngeTraud  / USA

nice that the angels choose some different parts of Mother Earth :-)

please send me Your addresses  so I can ship  one of those babes  to each of You !

my mail:

Also the following artists will be in the challenge and hop with focals they did buy in my shop ( as far as I know now)

Cece Cormier
Jenny Daviez-Reazor
Lynn Ferro
Toltec Jewels 
Jean Wells 

Thank You for Your interest in this HOP :-) 

When I have all blogs and names ready I will post a blog-list  in the first post about this event!
The badge I made for the HOP is up to the right top in the blog and You can grab it if You like
It links to the post!

I am so happy that many wanted  to play along and I am looking farward to see what all of You talented artists will come up with
Celebrate Mother Earth
Saturday November 10  Blog Hop 

here a few new things from the kiln I may use myself :-)

Thank You very much for stopping by

and I love to read anything You have to say !
maybe I forgot something important ??

love to You all

I kärlek och tacksamhet 


lördag 29 september 2012

Celebrating Mother Earth Challange and SALE

Long time no post 

here is the link

Guess I have been to busy with my  garden ,  house and all....
and look at this :
for the first time I do get lots of grapes from my plant :)

Have been thinking about an event now when summer over here is gone and it is getting darker and colder outside again !
Also I want to thank all lovely artists  who buy ceramic parts from my Etsy shop AngelWhisperer   and make beautiful jewelry incorporating them :-)
I am closing up on 500 sales and that is BIG for me
Thank You Thank You Thank You  !!

As a psychic I also feel the turbulent energy all around us and Mother Earth seems a bit disturbed  (at the least)

 so this first Challenge with BLOG HOP  I want to try and pull  from here
 is a reminder of that we do live on   =    A  big organism not just a rock solid something......

 Celebrating Mother Earth Challenge and BLOG HOP

I have those 5  ceramic focals in the picture 
One of them (also randomly chosen) will be sent to those in the challenge

1.I will randomly choose the partners(if more than 5 interested ) in this play from those who comment on the blogpost and say they are interested .
2.I send it as a gift and all You need to do is make a jewelry piece that celebrates life and Earth and make a blog post about it at the date set !

3.Next Monday   the 8 of October  I will reveal the partisipants 
4.Also I will try to ship quickly as I guess most will be over seas artists
5.THE BLOG HOP reveal will be   Saturday November 10
6.I will send  a list of  the 6  blogs (including mine) to those who are in.

7. I got the question about being in the HOP without winning one of those focals so :
If You want to participate and do not win You have to buy one of my FACE-FOCALS and tell me You want to use it for this Challenge ans I wil add You to the list! 
 Will try to fill up a bit in the shop and just now making more focals!

I hope I did not forget something important here ...if so tell me ...first try of something like this!!

I also celebrate with a 25% of SALE in my Etsy shops !!  both of them !!
use code

And again thank You to all readers of the blog
and those supporting my art work in any way

love to You all

söndag 12 augusti 2012

The WINNER of the giveaway is

First  I want to thank all visitors during those weeks and also for  the encouraging  comments You left for me

 and congrats to :

  Alice Peterson    the winner of the giveaway from my BSBP reveal 

a 30 dollar gift cerificate for one of my Etsy shops!

seems "Fisherman´s wife assemblage  earrings" are favorites from my soup

They will soon be available in my Etsy jewelry shop !

I have had lots of problems with my internet and phones over here as I did mention in an earlier post!  (Im lucky to have a plan B with a backup mobile internet )
Was changing my internet and phone company but they could not make the internet work for 12 days of trying so I jumped off their  deal (had a trying period of 30 days)  and told them not to move my phone from the old company...but they did not do as I instructed
So I am without phone  (stationary) since Aug 9
and my mobile is a kind I use only now and then .........
and getting my stationary back on line as it was suddenly costed 150 dollars and was going to take 14-30 days to reconnect (to a company I used since the 90-ties !!

Well I guess there was no way back for me then!
I was heading towards  getting me a smartphone  and let go of stationary phones  but I was not ready YET
............well I m there now ready or not  ;)

Yesterday I went into town and bought me a super smart one  and  BIG   (will not carry it around outside much I think)
Samsung Galaxy III/  waiting for it to be connected to the 3 net in some hours I hope..
Have spent some time to get to know the phone and added a few numbers into it...

So now head over to the new BSBP reveals and have a look at the second GO from yesterday !!
  You have the link to the right on top of my blog!!

Thank You for stopping by

fredag 27 juli 2012

Wellcome to the 6:th BSBP first reveal day

First of all I want to Thank  Lori Anderson for hosting this HUGE event  again !!
This is what she writes in her blog :
I'm always amazed at how popular this blog hop has become!
This time, we have 400 attendees -- a record for the Bead Soup Blog Party 
how about that :)
And today is the first reveal day of three

And now to the jewelry I made from the beautiful  parts sent from my  talented and skilled partner Jennifer VanBenschoten     (You can have a full  look at the ingredients HERE) ...Do not forget to take a look at what she made with the soup she got from me.

I have to admit I got some new grey hair in the process of making this necklace. It is actually the third  one with this pendant. I should have known better then  to try and plan to much with drawing ideas and such  cause it did not work as it does not do much for me !!....So after one days disaster ....with chains ..pearls ans stuff... I just started playing and let the design make itself ....the way I work most of the time....and voila ..

I present to You  The Shaman´s Magic  necklace


Read about the Acorn as a symbol:
Acorn: During the Norman Conquest, the English carried dried acorns to protect themselves from the brutalities of the day. Considered to be an emblem of luck, prosperity, youthfulness and power....
So that is a good symbol for this Shamanic necklace :)

with a lovely piece of deep green sari ribbon with threads like hair...(from my friend Nancy at goldenonetoo )
Added hemp cord in matching colors with dangling Czech glass beads in those gorgeous new styles (jumm)
As a closure  one of my handmade buttons (a favo) made with a pattern from an antique button

Next project was a pair of matching earrings with faceted lucite beads and pearls from Jennifer + some more Czech glass beads silk hemp and ceramic discs

Next task was to make something with the clasp and I  found it very beautiful but a bit delicat  for my kind of bracelets so it ended up in a pair of sea inspired earrings together with the lovely shell beads and sea sediment jasper i got in the swap + some more of those jummy Czech glass beads and a ribbon that looks like a  fisherman´s net. Wires I made from ox. sterling silver ...

Fisherman´s wife assemblage  earrings

And finally one more pair of earrings as I was going on "high muse level" :)
Gorgeous stone lentils and spacers from the ingredients 
added Czech glass, wooden flowers and  those metal dangles that my friend Tiina in Finland  added this lovely patina to 

Focus healing earrings

And  I have a giveaway this time of a gift certificat to one of my Etsy shops
of 30 dollars
To participate in this You have to write a comment here and
LIKE my Lejonklou Design page on FB (click on pic. below to go there)
If someone who does want to be in the lottery for the 30 dollars free shopping in one of my two Etsy stores does not have FB just let me know You can like this page instead or... all ready did like the FB page just let me know You are in!

 winner will be revealed August 12  (Sunday)

A map to see where all the participants live
and Europe

To take a look at what all the other talented  artists made click on pic. below

I wish You a fun and inspiring journey around the world !!!
 Thank You so much for stopping by! 

all comments are very appreciated  and I will try to take a full tour myself!

some blogs are hard for me to enter  as my internet is not working so I am using a plan B mobile internet..
(lucky to have that plan B or I would not be here at all now..:) )