måndag 8 oktober 2012

Winners of the free focals for Celebrating Mother Earth Challenge

Yesterday I ran a random pick for those interested in the Mother Earth Challenge and blog hop .
The winners are:

Beaditi  /  USA   no blog= will be in my post
A Polymer Penchant  /  Canada
Sandra / Germany
Julie  /   USA  no blog = will be in my post
IngeTraud  / USA

nice that the angels choose some different parts of Mother Earth :-)

please send me Your addresses  so I can ship  one of those babes  to each of You !

my mail:   design@lejonklou.se

Also the following artists will be in the challenge and hop with focals they did buy in my shop ( as far as I know now)

Cece Cormier
Jenny Daviez-Reazor
Lynn Ferro
Toltec Jewels 
Jean Wells 

Thank You for Your interest in this HOP :-) 

When I have all blogs and names ready I will post a blog-list  in the first post about this event!
The badge I made for the HOP is up to the right top in the blog and You can grab it if You like
It links to the post!

I am so happy that many wanted  to play along and I am looking farward to see what all of You talented artists will come up with
Celebrate Mother Earth
Saturday November 10  Blog Hop 

here a few new things from the kiln I may use myself :-)

Thank You very much for stopping by

and I love to read anything You have to say !
maybe I forgot something important ??

love to You all

I kärlek och tacksamhet 


19 kommentarer:

  1. Congratulations ladies - looking forward to seeing your projects

  2. How fun! Looking forward to see what they create with your beautiful focals! :D

  3. Eeeh, OMG, I'm so super excited I totally did not expect to be this lucky. So excited to see which of the focals I'll send up with. <3

    1. hi,
      will try to ship tomorrow so You will see it soon

  4. How awesome!!! I'll send you my address in just a bit when I'm at a real computer - YAY

    1. Hi,
      will try to ship quick so You get time to "work"

  5. Yeah! I am so excited to be receiving one of your beautiful focals and participating in your blog hop/challenge. I guess now I can't say that I never win anything! :-) Thank you so much, Birgitta!

    1. good You have something to cheer You up when the fever i high !

  6. Hello Birgitta,

    I am so happy to see this blog hop today :) I purchased from your shop and I am honored and delighted be in your blog hop on Nov.10!

    Toltec Jewels

    My blog:

  7. I just saw a message about your work on Facebook! Lovely!

  8. Hi,
    I would like to be in your bead hop. I have been hopping around to everyone's bead soups and wishing I could do it. How does it work?

    1. Hi,
      if You want o join You will have to buy some focal from my angel whisperer shop with mother earth style
      and I send it to you
      Then You blog about the jewelry You made NOV 10 Saturday!
      the date for the hop
      more info in my last post about this HOP!!!
      contact me in my Esty shop Angel Whisperer it is to the right on the blog at top...
      Thank You for Your interest in this :-)

      B did not find a mail to contact You !

  9. Hi Birgitta. I am going to participate in this hop and have already chosen my focal. Thank you for all your help. Jean

  10. Hi Jean,
    and thank you for Your interest!
    Looking forward to see what You make with that statement lady :-)

  11. Hi Birgitta- please let me know if you decide to sell the
    "Maybe keepers", OK?
    Omgosh, I love the purple one!