söndag 20 maj 2012

The winner of the BUTTON give away is

I used a random picker from the internet and  the winner of those buttons is
Crafty Hope 
  will You please mail me Your address   !!  so i can ship those buttons to You

I took a little tour in the garden to find something  nice for a picture and choose on of my favorite flowers...still in bloom and smelling gorgeously  ( have lots of those :) as it is very late spring over here this year

this guy took the chance of a tour in the garden as well as i forgot tho close the door to the garden room
was not planning to let him out just now as it is a little wet from a few raindrops..

and finally a  necklace finished not long ago with a flower  from the garden

Thank You for stopping by
And I wish You a happy new week


söndag 13 maj 2012

Button Swap Blog Hop And a Give Away

First I want to thank  the talented  Cindy Wimmer  at    Sweet  Bead Studio
for hosting this button swap with so many partners to administrate !
I love buttons and this is so much fun! 
I cant wait to see what everybody is making this time.....

I also have a give away of a bunch of buttons in this post to celebrate 100+ followers on my blog !!

There is a complete list of the participating artists at the end of my post
You can find pictures of the  gorgeous buttons I got from my partner   Pam   if You click   here

I started out with one big fantastic Vintage button to make some kind of necklace in the style Im working now ...lots of silk and ethnic feel ..but It is not working out as I was thinking .....so it is not finished yet...hm.......still not sure  about the neck part..and the dangle from the button ...just got stuck......   jiiikes;)

But I am  lucky to have lots of pretty buttons to choose from  and  decided to go for some earrings instead

I used 2 domed copper buttons with leaf patterns  hand  made by Pam ..they are heavily oxidated here ..
hand forged hammered copper rings
Indonesian handmade glass beads
( by the way * glass * means  ice cream in Swedish :)  glass is spelled glas  in Swedis with one s )
rhinestone rondelle beads
and some of those ancient looking new Czech glass beads
sterling silver ox. lever backs

And one more pair with those pretty vintage red flower buttons I fell in love with at once :)

had some nice tassels i really wanted to use 
rhinestone spacers
Czech glass beads in red
sterling lever backs 
and voila  .....those look really great on ...but no pictures of that yet..

This morning I made a bracelet with one of those beautiful "stacked"  mother of pearl vintage buttons + some vintage shank buttons from my own stash
faceted Pyrite
and Czech glass
Going to make a couple of stretch bracelets to go with this one / stacking

still have a few  lovely buttons left and the gorgeous pendant  made by Pam 
and Im thinking about a necklace with the pendant and the 5$ buttons  and  other things as Im going to use it all   ..thinking...thinking.....:)

Those are the buttons for the giveaway
All made by me
4 shank, 1 four hole , 1 one hole, and 2 two hole  different glazes and clays..
All You have to do is to leave a comment and tell me You are interested in those !!
I will randomly pick a winner next Sunday May 20

Thank You for stopping by and have a glorious day !!
who do have lots of problems with the internet lately and sometimes can not post or comment 
will be back during the day with more  earrings ......unfinished on my bead-table ......if the net is working 

and now take a tour around :

 Kim Roberts and Partner unable to participate at this time.
Pam Ferarri and Stefanie Teufel (will share their reveal on a later date)
Stefanie Teufel and Pam Ferarri (will share their reveal on a later date)

lördag 5 maj 2012

One Crayon Color Challenge

Welcome to Sally Russick's One Crayon Color Blog hop.........
below You have the links to all who participate
I choose black because I had a bunch of beads fresh from the kiln at the time in a gorgeous black clay

I used some of them and black silk some bone and Czech faceted glass + a few pearls actually black but shimmering :)  black lucite flower

also added some black leather cord ...seems I make this kinda jewelry at the moment ....

Thank You Sally for hosting this hop and it would be lots of fun to try again with other colors :)!!

have fun looking around


Hosted by:


Bobbie Rafferty   http://beadsong.blogspot.com


Rebekah Payne   http://treewingsstudio.com



Rebecca Anderson  http://songbeads.blogspot.com
Alicia Marinache  http://allprettythings.ca
Charissa Sloper   http://blog.obsidiansoda.com
Sandi Volpe   http://sandivolpe.com


Jenny Davies Reazor   http://www.jdaviesreazor.com
Elizabeth Auld  http://beadsforbusygals.com


Jennifer Judd Velasquez http://jenjuddrocks.blogspot.com


Diana Ptaszynski   http://suburbangirlstudio.com


Birgitta Lejonklou  http://lejonklou.blogspot.com/

torsdag 3 maj 2012

I got my my Buttons for da Swap

I am very happy as I  got a huge and very inspiring selection to choose from in the mail from my partner Pam Ferren 
Just look at those buttons and also an interesting pendant I just  have to use.....

Pam made some of those herself !

so...welcome back again  May 13 to see what everybody in the swap-hop made!!

have a creative day all of You