söndag 12 augusti 2012

The WINNER of the giveaway is

First  I want to thank all visitors during those weeks and also for  the encouraging  comments You left for me

 and congrats to :

  Alice Peterson    the winner of the giveaway from my BSBP reveal 

a 30 dollar gift cerificate for one of my Etsy shops!

seems "Fisherman´s wife assemblage  earrings" are favorites from my soup

They will soon be available in my Etsy jewelry shop !

I have had lots of problems with my internet and phones over here as I did mention in an earlier post!  (Im lucky to have a plan B with a backup mobile internet )
Was changing my internet and phone company but they could not make the internet work for 12 days of trying so I jumped off their  deal (had a trying period of 30 days)  and told them not to move my phone from the old company...but they did not do as I instructed
So I am without phone  (stationary) since Aug 9
and my mobile is a kind I use only now and then .........
and getting my stationary back on line as it was suddenly costed 150 dollars and was going to take 14-30 days to reconnect (to a company I used since the 90-ties !!

Well I guess there was no way back for me then!
I was heading towards  getting me a smartphone  and let go of stationary phones  but I was not ready YET
............well I m there now ready or not  ;)

Yesterday I went into town and bought me a super smart one  and  BIG   (will not carry it around outside much I think)
Samsung Galaxy III/  waiting for it to be connected to the 3 net in some hours I hope..
Have spent some time to get to know the phone and added a few numbers into it...

So now head over to the new BSBP reveals and have a look at the second GO from yesterday !!
  You have the link to the right on top of my blog!!

Thank You for stopping by