söndag 30 januari 2011

Birtday Flowers and a BIG surprise

I did get 2 biiig  bunches of Tulips from my gals and my brother & family
my kitchen is a room with spring feel
and now ....with those flowers it gets even stronger .....thank You!
AND  a friend surprised me with huge help to find a nice little ceramic  KILN :)

lördag 29 januari 2011

Travellers from the other side of the Atlantic - Finally here !

And I am sure glad to see them  (actually it only took a week and shipping from this shop was not high)

jupp ...those are GLACES for my ceramic / porcelain  in  small nice bottles ( hard to find in Sweden)  diff types
crackles, stoneware and renaissance glaces in pretty colors that i hope to be able to use soon ( have to talk myself into a kiln first )

Bead Table Saturday

does need some sorting out !
but I have been creative  :)

fredag 28 januari 2011


                             Regina    who   was nr 17 in my "picker-list"

Congrats to this bunch of handmade ooak  pendants
  I hope to see what You make with some of those :)
Can You send me Your adress to 

And Thank You so much ALL OF YOU  !!
for visiting / adding to my blog and all nice comments and tips about colors etc.

torsdag 27 januari 2011

Monday was The DAY :)

 Found in my blog this morning
that I was the lucky winner of this gorgeous OWL pendant :)  THANK YOU !
( I forgot to look as I was busy in my blog -and ABS - designer of the week)
sorry for that!  HE is so gorgeous !! makes me soo happy as I have been looking at the lovely things in the shop were You can find his brothers

 the guy looks a bit angry ....... I guess he thinks I should have looked after him better not leaving him without  my adress like that  !
I will certainly  make up for that when he arrives  - PROMISE !

You can take a  look at the family that brought him into this world  here
 There You can also  find a link to their Etsy shop to look for goodies

tisdag 25 januari 2011

Can You smell the CURRY ??

For the love of  India spices :)
I really do love them and as I am educated to  Ayurvedic Health Adviser  (1997-98 ) I use some of those in my kitchen for providing good health.........
Also the new  research in health /medicine   shows those spices have anti- inflamatory  effects and are very good to eat..

Anyhow Yesterday I got a bunch of sari silk non dyed that I did not try before and they did turn me on a lot!!
so this morning i started on this necklace that is still not really finished..
I did have some problems trying to add a dichroic glass cab to the brass key ....tried gloves.. and tweezers...but the glue stayed in the wrong places....S.....h...i..
Well at last I got one in place with my bare fingertips....not the one that had my favorite  color but still a pretty one...
I have a huge special cut Vintage Swarovski in the pendant

måndag 24 januari 2011

Designer of the week at ABS-blog with my bracelet "colorful river"

This is what ABS Editor, Cindy Gimbrone had to say about Birgitta's design:

Birgitta has created a colorful interpretation of this month's challenge painting. The texture and colors work together to create a true masterpiece for the wrist! On her flickr page, Birgitta said she wasn't going to enter but her muse took over. I'm glad the muse was in charge, the result is a vibrant bracelet anyone would love to wear!

......I am very grateful for those nice words !

For more details about this months challenge go HERE

söndag 23 januari 2011

Todays heart

is a new necklace just finished :) and those big !!  fresh water pearls are just so amazing / some of the best I ever bought!


Today there is  a give away of pendants and a button to celebrate over  2000 visits at my new blog :)  Made of stone were dark brown clay (3) and porcelain  -the rest
To participate You just have to be a follower of the blog and  write a comment   about what kind or colors of pendants You like the  most
I will draw a random winner of this hole lot (in the picture) on Friday  January 28

If You spread this to Your blog there will be an x-tra chance of winning  !

the one with a shiny look has a metallic bronze glaze that is very nice  (not shown well in the pic)

lördag 22 januari 2011

A Colorful Heart for Valentines Day

I finished this necklace today and will list it in my shop later
It has my own porcelain pendant and some lovely lamp-work and glass beads
chain is rather long and has a nice weight to it


and a small peak of what may be in it.....:)

onsdag 19 januari 2011

My Bead Soup partner = Barbara Blaszczyk :)

I have got my partner in the bead soup party from Lori  and i have been browsing her lovely blog and web shop to find out what beautiful things she create.......
and this is some of the pretty things I found .......can´t wait to see what she sends me

And this is her blog  where You can see more of her work   Laboratorium Flory

söndag 16 januari 2011

A blessed weekend

for me  !!  and my cats
Lina my younger daughter came home from the University in Lund
Have not seen her since summer so I am so happy to have her around for a couple of days
but not only me
the cats waited for her to arrive and give them some well needed "hair cut"
Bibbi now  looks like ET and Anton like a fox with his super fluffy tail
but they are very satisfied to get rid of all that fur indeed :)

and here is some of the fur - Anton inspects is

a little extra cleaning 

ET  in my chair :)

torsdag 13 januari 2011

Just back from the kiln

I do have a lot of ceramic parts to take care of now 
My friend Kia was surprised they did fill up the hole kiln  (I was not)
It is a rather big round kiln "open"  at the top...
Here are some favo´s   

I start with a new glace I tested that turned out well  - it is a rather big pendant ( i had one other glace that did not burn at all..looks like gray dust /cement  even if it is stuck on the parts....

And another that is perfect to me  i used underglaces only  ...a wing shimmering a bit like peacock  feathers..

and a little more colors 
some oldlooking.....
this is also a big! pendant

onsdag 12 januari 2011

ABS January challenge

Brown River by Wayne Thiebaud
This colorful painting is the inspiration for the first monthly challenege of this Year 2011 

and my bracelet in colors and structures I tried to pick up from the painting
Ribbon, my handmade ceramic button and charm, stones, copper wire...
Read more about this challenege   here

måndag 10 januari 2011

It is all about perception

I did not believe in those patterns .. crop circles ..(really interesting patterns)  when i first saw them (in pictures)
but after reading an article in a Swedish magazine and looking around at the net I have changed my mind......
Those are for real .......the soil is changed chemically and the crop grows quicker in the area for many years. I have found those amazing pictures at  / Whiltshire crop circle study group page /
You can read more HERE

VALENTINES jewelry time !

I guess it is about time to create some new heart jewelry for Valentines Day!
I have a lot to choose between ...this is a little peek / stone/ polymer/ ceramic
don´t know where to start.....? :)

tisdag 4 januari 2011

FDT (face down Tuesday:) and pictures from a walk the last day of 2010

Well ...........I could not resist having a face down Tuesday picture taken as some of my friends are playing with this :-O
they are sooo funny !

so here it is my first one :   faced down deeeeeeeep in the snow

I will list it in the Flicker group :)

and following here some pictures taken on a walk in the neighbourhood  the the last day of 2010
actually this big curtain of snow fell down most of it two days ago.....

This was meant to be a happy new Year post....... but I´m a bit late
Any how
I wish You a good and creative  2011 !!