tisdag 25 januari 2011

Can You smell the CURRY ??

For the love of  India spices :)
I really do love them and as I am educated to  Ayurvedic Health Adviser  (1997-98 ) I use some of those in my kitchen for providing good health.........
Also the new  research in health /medicine   shows those spices have anti- inflamatory  effects and are very good to eat..

Anyhow Yesterday I got a bunch of sari silk non dyed that I did not try before and they did turn me on a lot!!
so this morning i started on this necklace that is still not really finished..
I did have some problems trying to add a dichroic glass cab to the brass key ....tried gloves.. and tweezers...but the glue stayed in the wrong places....S.....h...i..
Well at last I got one in place with my bare fingertips....not the one that had my favorite  color but still a pretty one...
I have a huge special cut Vintage Swarovski in the pendant

6 kommentarer:

  1. Oh yeah - I CAN smell the curry!

  2. It looks so good, I can taste it!

  3. this is wonderful..i love the key pendant

  4. Oh how I love a good curry!
    Hey you won my drawing! i didn't know how to reach you and then found your blog so send me your info to zoaart@yahoo.com.