fredag 21 mars 2014

WAHOOOHA got my SOUP and Im in LOVE

Yesterday I got a dispatch note  of a box  from Germany in the mail...I could guess it was my soup from my sweet partner Doris at Glaszwerg so I went to the post office in a hurry  :-)

Inside that big box was a lot of small pretty boxes filled with treasures for me 
Thank You very much  DORIS !!
.. starting with some flowers and that gorgeous floral bead and leaf 

It is really a perfect partner match as we  make beads but in a so different style  ..AND both like 
d r a g o n s and  I make faces  Doris make Geishas is one pretty girl and that big wheel bead Im so in love with in this gorgeous green summer feel soft colors...

And in that last  box I opened I found  h.i.m   I was actually hoping for a DRAGON and here he is ..with wings so I suppose he is kind of an ANGEL  tooo  :-)

Doris also sent a mix of matching  beads, leather and silk
next is a box of metal accent beads and charms and  clasps + brooch needle   all very pretty drop is also for scent  if You add it to a lava bead inside ( gonna make something for myself with that one)

I also got lots of her handmade beads to go with the focals 

It will be sooo much  fun to work with those beautiful beads and also a big challenge  :-)

As Doris got my soup the same day I can give You a peak of what I sent  too..

ceramic, stone, bone,seed,silk, linen,copper rather earthy tribal ...(dragon :-)
I am so excited to see what she makes out of that !!

Thank You very much for visiting

much love

lördag 15 mars 2014

Soup for my partner on the go

I  am a day late and will pack and ship now
did put the soup together yesterday  :-)
 do hope Doris will like to play with this mix of beads and stuff.....

this will be in her mail box in a few days
Here it is  in a bit changed look  ........
Soon to be revealed ..

Thank You very much for visiting!

much love

torsdag 6 mars 2014

Intruducing my partner BSBP 8 2014

Very happy to introduce  .....TATAATAAAA

My partner for 2014 great design event
BSBP 8  is a German designer
 Doris  Stumpf
 (click on her name to go to her blog)

a very skilled lampwork bead maker

Just have a look at those pretties she made :

I think I need one of those ..who knows what happens if I kiss him    <3

                 isn´t she sweeeeeeeet

    oh my a    d r a g o n

              who does not love flowers ?

made with lots of love for sure

I am now putting together a soup for her to use and .... sure it will be a bit of a challenge :-)

Can´t wait to see what nice beads and things I get from her ....

Thank You very much for visiting !!
much love