lördag 30 oktober 2010

My Favorite necklace at the moment -FAVORITHALSBANDET :)

Detta är mitt favorithalsband för tillfället
med mumsig keramikknapp från Lisa Peters  i USA

I do love this button from Lisa Peters Art / it really makes me smile
and the wood+/lucite + colored magnezite and wooden keys are not SO heavy
can not use heavy stuff due to my herniated discs in the neck

Creativity is SKY HIGH and so is my pile of beads in front

At the moment my creativity flows even stronger than normal and my working space is overflowing with stuff.......better take a nice calming cup of  ecological tea ..and clean up a bit maybe when I have finished the two necklaces I am on to now :) It  sure is a good thing if the keyboard is bead-free

onsdag 27 oktober 2010

Key to my inner space / = Hi guys here is something for ya !

So this is what came out (well actually I have one more and a couple in my head as Im to it)
from part one of my challenge with Malin :)
I have used a handmade box chain in raw brass that I have oxidated to a nice color
A wooden key BIG! 80 mm

One of my own ceramic pendants (just out of the kiln) with an ancient looking glace  and spiral symbol
The pendant is strung with greek lether cord and greek washer spacers
pendant total is 120 mm
one of my hook clasps copper

As the only mail in the house at the moment is only one foot high and four legged  I hung it on my female "doll"

I dont know why it turned over as from the start pic...
close up pic.

måndag 25 oktober 2010

The Lejonklou and de Koning Challenge part II :) (or III actually )

It sure is fun to have a new friend in Sweden who likes to make the same kind of jewelry!!
Malin de Koning in Stockholm
her blog   http://beadingbymalindekoning.blogspot.com/
Ther You can read about the first parts of this challenge
and about her beads, jewelry and more....
She has a lot of interesting links and pretty things over there so take a look!

First we have to make  a piece of man's jewellery / ready  wed. 27 oct

Second we are going to make some party jewelry / christmas and new year is ahead
with beads picked out from Malin´s  stash/ ready to show wed. nov 2
pictures and beads shown in her blog!

and now I have picked out some mixed beads and chains for the last one / chain jewelry
ready to show  wed. nov. 9

I have choosen some beads I did not use much lately - could be fun to try those colors - or not??)

two different chains brass that I have oxidated (10 mm round and a bit smaller peanut chain)
one string pink pearls
1/2 string bigger pink pearls
one strand onyx  round beads
some white big pearls
white wood
one coral disc white
frosted agate white
rose quartz rounds
one pink and black stone
3 onyx discs
one big faceted glass bead
some Czech glass beads black rondelles  / and  picasso nuggets
fluted brass beads
square lampwork beads black with pink flower
faceted Czech pink beads
and a piece of pink Sari ribbon

we have to use:
something black
something pink
something white
silk ( at least one inch :)

if it ends up with a lot of beads or chain is a free choise....

I better get started on the man part *smile*

torsdag 21 oktober 2010

Dags för glasyr ( Glacing Time ) soooooooooooooooooon

I am now testing a bunch of different glaces for those pendants and buttons
I went to Cerama to buy a lot of different colors to try
It is very exiting as I did not test those ever before :)
One of those days I will be able to get them into a kiln for stone-were firing
Only problem my neck and back hurts from the way I sit with this ....YUAK
I have a looot left to glace

måndag 18 oktober 2010

YEESSSSS I got the beads today !

So finally I got the chance to participate in the challenge on Lorelei´s blog :)
It is so much fun to create with something I did not fully  control .......and together with a bunch of  artist all over...
Also It was so nice to see all the other jewelry made and blogged yesterday...
Well it did not make it easier for me as I do not like to make something I saw...and my plan was to put a bunch of chains in the front - but that Idea was well filled by Lorelei and one other very beautiful necklace....
So I had to come up with a new idea....

In the same envelope sent by Nan (spirited earth) I  got some  jummie  stuff she made that I decided to use

her leaf in front and branch :)  Thanks Nan for the help!!

I got the white lentils and wooden cubes + the white chain
I choose multicolor jade ( a bit pumpkinlooking)  instead of some soft  green from my own treasures and some big but round white pearls...(no green pearls)
I was rather brave too / solder on copper a ring to the white chain (matching my clasp)  but it only got a little bit brown ....matches the rest :)

Thank You Lorelei for making this happen!

jag kan inte nå bildmaterialet då bloggen krånglar connectar inte   SHIIIITTT  :((( can not connect to the picture
but now i publish this anyhow

fredag 15 oktober 2010


Friday / Yesterday  I made some new jewelry in very different styles :)
Necklaces and bracelets.......

Lorelei´s challenge with pretty bead mix from Michael´s

I still did not get the beads from USA  in the mail ...
but I hope to find them in my BIG blue box  monday

 So I will be late........ as the jewelry should be posted tomorrow / Sunday
........well it will be fun anyhow as it is the first challenge I am participating in from the other side of the Atlantic

fredag 8 oktober 2010