måndag 25 oktober 2010

The Lejonklou and de Koning Challenge part II :) (or III actually )

It sure is fun to have a new friend in Sweden who likes to make the same kind of jewelry!!
Malin de Koning in Stockholm
her blog   http://beadingbymalindekoning.blogspot.com/
Ther You can read about the first parts of this challenge
and about her beads, jewelry and more....
She has a lot of interesting links and pretty things over there so take a look!

First we have to make  a piece of man's jewellery / ready  wed. 27 oct

Second we are going to make some party jewelry / christmas and new year is ahead
with beads picked out from Malin´s  stash/ ready to show wed. nov 2
pictures and beads shown in her blog!

and now I have picked out some mixed beads and chains for the last one / chain jewelry
ready to show  wed. nov. 9

I have choosen some beads I did not use much lately - could be fun to try those colors - or not??)

two different chains brass that I have oxidated (10 mm round and a bit smaller peanut chain)
one string pink pearls
1/2 string bigger pink pearls
one strand onyx  round beads
some white big pearls
white wood
one coral disc white
frosted agate white
rose quartz rounds
one pink and black stone
3 onyx discs
one big faceted glass bead
some Czech glass beads black rondelles  / and  picasso nuggets
fluted brass beads
square lampwork beads black with pink flower
faceted Czech pink beads
and a piece of pink Sari ribbon

we have to use:
something black
something pink
something white
silk ( at least one inch :)

if it ends up with a lot of beads or chain is a free choise....

I better get started on the man part *smile*

4 kommentarer:

  1. My godness! What a lot! So much! Such nice things. You are crazy ... :-)
    Really inspiring. Unusual colour combo for me, but very very nice. I look forward to get started. I am still hesitating with my man's jewellery. I am afraid it will become totally predictable and boring. Well, we will see on wednesday. Thank you Birgitta!

  2. for me to/ unusual colors
    that could be fun after all earthy stuff I do now..

    I must fix an order or 2 if I can pull myself together
    then.... the man part...

  3. kul att du inte smällde av då ...av färgvalet *fniss*

  4. what lovely beads - I can't wait to see what you guys come up with! I think I would be too scared to have a go at jewellery for men - I wouldn't know where to start! I am going to become a follower but at the moment the computer won't let me :-( I'll be back though!