måndag 18 oktober 2010

YEESSSSS I got the beads today !

So finally I got the chance to participate in the challenge on Lorelei´s blog :)
It is so much fun to create with something I did not fully  control .......and together with a bunch of  artist all over...
Also It was so nice to see all the other jewelry made and blogged yesterday...
Well it did not make it easier for me as I do not like to make something I saw...and my plan was to put a bunch of chains in the front - but that Idea was well filled by Lorelei and one other very beautiful necklace....
So I had to come up with a new idea....

In the same envelope sent by Nan (spirited earth) I  got some  jummie  stuff she made that I decided to use

her leaf in front and branch :)  Thanks Nan for the help!!

I got the white lentils and wooden cubes + the white chain
I choose multicolor jade ( a bit pumpkinlooking)  instead of some soft  green from my own treasures and some big but round white pearls...(no green pearls)
I was rather brave too / solder on copper a ring to the white chain (matching my clasp)  but it only got a little bit brown ....matches the rest :)

Thank You Lorelei for making this happen!

jag kan inte nå bildmaterialet då bloggen krånglar connectar inte   SHIIIITTT  :((( can not connect to the picture
but now i publish this anyhow

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