fredag 23 december 2011

GOD JUL & Merry Christmas

I hope every one gets a long and nice holiday ...........
...think we may need some strength  2012

söndag 18 december 2011

Is it Wabi Sabi style ?

At the moment I have lots of ideas for jewelry and not so much time to make it..
Some cleaning to be done and baking and cocking before Christmas.....
need to get the decorations out of the closet too...:).....but here a few pictures with new stuff i made in the studio.....

A wrap-bracelet that actually looks very good as a necklace  too
raw Kyanite, old glass, vintage button, paper-bead from a project in Africa  and silk  of corse 
+ button with wing I made in ceramic ...

And a  bangle I  hammered in copper  with Kyanite  / green  a very powerful healing stone
and some other goodies .......

and now..back to the kitchen to clean up after baking :)

lördag 10 december 2011

The WINNER of the give-away

First I want to thank You for all the nice comments on my last  post!
and :

I used a random number generator  on the internet this time for the winner and the
lucky winner of the 30 dollars gift certificate in my shops is

Cindy Cima  Congratulations to You :)  I  know You like the pendants...

I will contact You about this in mail!

And some new stuff out of the kiln Yesterday ...trying to make them very primitive. Also testing some new glazes fired a bit lower than usual as some of the clay  I used can not take the highest temp......:)

And a new necklace finished yesterday..  loooong and chunky!

lördag 3 december 2011

It is time for a give away

actually I was planning to celebrate 10 000 visitors to my blog
but then suddenly it was 11 it is time for sure for a GIVE AWAY !
and it is in time for Christmas too :)

But First I will show ya what I am working on at the moment..

A statement necklace with a pendant I made from porcelain clay  and lots of gorgeous recycled glass beads  and stones ...I have some work left on this one but will finish it of today I think with a clasp and some more dangles ..
AND  as You can read in my comments I have more work with this necklace as the pendant was   BROKE  :( of my cats probably responsible for that....
I think I may use this pendant instead??


This is another necklace is just finished with lots of fantastic old (more than 100 years ) glass beads with crackle effect, fossile  and other goddies .....

And what about the givaway You are thinking now
............well Im thinking too...:)

This time I will give away a

30 dollar free shopping in one of my Etsy shops
as I want to give You the opportunity to choose between jewelery and jewelry parts..

To participate in this give-away You have to leave a comment on this post and be a follower of the blog to get 1 part
If You blog about it also 2 parts
and spread it on FB to You can get 3 parts
Tell me in the comment what You do :)

I will announce the randomly drawn winner  next Sunday   Dec. 11

and remember that I am very grateful to have contact with You all on the internet !!

xxxxx  Birgitta