onsdag 23 november 2011

All about SILK

The first necklace I made with silk is from 2005 and sold the same day I listed it in my Swedish webshop
I used Thai silk from a big piece that I tore apart, lampwork beads and super big  freshwater pearls


This picture show another old silk necklace I made for my daughter Lina  (2005 I think )  and she loved it so much that it has fell apart from use :)  She also use one of my ooak earrings that I did sell a lot always only one as they were impossible to duplicate  (lol) I had a lot of fun bending wire back then..

actually when Im to it I will show some more of those wire works :)

I also made my own polymer clay beads before my herniated discs put an end to that...(and now after the surgery I can again THANK GOD )


And a wired  ring

Back to the silk...so I do not get lost in all those old photos ..

My oldest girl Sara with a silk and stone necklace from 2009 I think ...when I found MarynotMartha on Etsy with those hand dyed lovely silk ribbons she made back then..

a bracelet with her ribbon and mixed  beads.....still have some left of that gorgeous ribbon!

And finally  I found the lovely sari silk ribbons that I do use a lot these days......a wrap-bracelet....a stretchy bracelet .......and a necklace that took some time to make..

and finally  new creation with Lisa Peters button  in front