lördag 29 september 2012

Celebrating Mother Earth Challange and SALE

Long time no post  ...hm 

here is the link

Guess I have been to busy with my  garden ,  house and all....
and look at this :
for the first time I do get lots of grapes from my plant :)

Have been thinking about an event now when summer over here is gone and it is getting darker and colder outside again !
Also I want to thank all lovely artists  who buy ceramic parts from my Etsy shop AngelWhisperer   and make beautiful jewelry incorporating them :-)
I am closing up on 500 sales and that is BIG for me
Thank You Thank You Thank You  !!

As a psychic I also feel the turbulent energy all around us and Mother Earth seems a bit disturbed  (at the least)

 so this first Challenge with BLOG HOP  I want to try and pull  from here
 is a reminder of that we do live on   =    A  big organism not just a rock solid something......

 Celebrating Mother Earth Challenge and BLOG HOP

I have those 5  ceramic focals in the picture 
One of them (also randomly chosen) will be sent to those in the challenge

1.I will randomly choose the partners(if more than 5 interested ) in this play from those who comment on the blogpost and say they are interested .
2.I send it as a gift and all You need to do is make a jewelry piece that celebrates life and Earth and make a blog post about it at the date set !

3.Next Monday   the 8 of October  I will reveal the partisipants 
4.Also I will try to ship quickly as I guess most will be over seas artists
5.THE BLOG HOP reveal will be   Saturday November 10
6.I will send  a list of  the 6  blogs (including mine) to those who are in.

7. I got the question about being in the HOP without winning one of those focals so :
If You want to participate and do not win You have to buy one of my FACE-FOCALS and tell me You want to use it for this Challenge ans I wil add You to the list! 
 Will try to fill up a bit in the shop and just now making more focals!

I hope I did not forget something important here ...if so tell me ...first try of something like this!!

I also celebrate with a 25% of SALE in my Etsy shops !!  both of them !!
use code

And again thank You to all readers of the blog
and those supporting my art work in any way

love to You all