måndag 29 november 2010

Taking pictures for the Etsy shop

Today I managed to take some pictures inside ..close to a window as I can not be in the garden-room at the moment............ or i can be there but it is so much snow on that roof and outside the slide door so it is too dark at the moment
I took some pictures of this Talisman key necklace with a gorgeous text  bead ( love and trust)  special made for me by  Elena on Etsy
and she also made the connector with HARMONY   in polymer clay
This is a rather long piece
and quite a statement necklace ...........so one of my friends came by and fell in love with it .........
so it was sold before  the listing ............
and she needed a pair of earrings also to really show of :)
so she choose those with also special made beads for me by  Claire at Stillpointworks
I do love to use handmade beads !
and I did take some more pictures so there is still some jewelry to list :)

lördag 27 november 2010

Obsessed with the SNOW

I admit i am a bit obsessed with the snow around here
Mullsjö where I live has the "snow record" of Sweden at the moment with  30 inches  .....and snowing again outside even though it is pretty cold   17.6 F
And it is in  the south only about 6 hours by car from the southern end of this veeeeeeeery long country
it is a village well known for the fresh air and snowy winters but this is extreme indeed ......not even December yet.....
Last Year it was this amount of snow but it did not snow so quick and early.....then it started after christmas
I grew up in a bigger town Jönköping about 30 minutes by car south of here and I never saw anything like this and last winter in my 57 years on this planet
I will get a bit worried about my hedge and my roof if it will continue....  and normally I hardly see those neighbours as shown in the summer picture

tisdag 23 november 2010

To play with clay

It is very easy to get hooked working with clay
As my artist  friend Kia sai´s  " if You start it only grows "
I have 4 different kind of clays and about 12 glaces and 20 underglaces
My favorites are the dark brown stone were clay and porcelain clay / the last one shrink VERY much  up to 25 % actually as I often have to fire high with my friends stuff
First time I got the finished stuff out of the kiln I was kind of chocked :-O
colors and sooo small ..took some hours to connect back to the pieces :)
Also they do look so much more when in use 
porcelain  with under glaces and transparent glossy finish glace

very light brown -dark brown clay with light colored glaces
a mix of clays with darker underglaces
dark brown clay with blue and bronze glaces

those are some nice glaces from Mayco I would love to try

måndag 22 november 2010

Featured Designer of the Week :) at Art Bead Scene Blog THANK´S

It is for sure an honor to be the weeks designer at ABS surrounded with all those talented artists from all over 
and great to find a way to connect  with this global interest of jewelry design
I do feel very humble when I see all beauty coming  out of those creative minds and hands of fellow Artists
This is the inspiration for November challenge:  Tree of life by   Gustav Klimt 

and my necklace where I use one of my handmade ceramic pendants . This one is stone were high fired and I  do love experimenting a lot with glaces

link to this challenge  ABS nov.

Celebrating the ability to walk

and in SNOW
for the first time since i started having  problems to walk 2004 (herniated discs)  i really loved to be outside in the snow
As a child i did love winter more than summer / skiing and skating more  then  swimming
and this morning was wonderfully calm almost no one outside in the dark....

 in the garden this clematis is climbing

lördag 20 november 2010

How about American Designer Pancakes for brunch ?

This picture from facebook was drawing my attention !
American pancakes in a new designer style
by     Winnie A´Hearn
jewelry designer and skin care therapist 


Facebook is a dangerous place

for me anyhow as I love jewelry parts so much
So I found Lisa Peters other internet shop and could not resist those
go and have a look at her ceramics

they are so gorgeous and some gold added on top :)

fredag 19 november 2010

Devoted to Development

what comes out of the creative process........

........ when I started making jewelry 2004
what came out does not look at all the same as today´s creations
They allways develop from inside of me and when I begun  I had not seen anything like those wire jewelry I made...
I could not answer question about where i got the idea´s
I did not attend any classes but got some books about techniques later on

As I sit down in my studio to create I have an idea about what Im going to do....but at the end most of the times it does not end up at all as I was thinking from the start
Colors and most of the parts in the jewelry is what I was thinking of but the finish can be very much different...:)
When I am in the process it sort of live its own life and takes over ...(and I know a bunch of angels and relatives from the spirit world are beside me)

I made a lot of pretty jewelry with lampwork and pearls but find it hard to do that any more
If i start out with that intention often it ends up as a talisman instead or something with a meaning!
and sometimes balancing maybe - between beautiful and ugly
That is an interesting edge to balance on really .....and craves a lot of attention at the end
Also of course it is depends a lot on who is looking ( i betraktarens öga)
I remember when i started to use a lot of chains - many complained about it .....eeewww so much chain but a year later they wanted all chains but by that time i was a bit fed up with it...

Actually I do think people are going to crave jewelry with meaning and personal style, healing effect and hand made stuff 
As written on some of my hand made parts - TIME COMES  

Yesterday I made this talisman for someone who needs to create a happy home

torsdag 18 november 2010

Bead Soup Blog Party Lori Anderson ..... Jan 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party
For the first time I will try to attend this kind of inspirational (BIG) event
Malin de Koning and I made some smaller for us here in Sweden
I got me a blog and a flicker account oh my lots of computerwork if I like to be in on challenges and soups but It´s a lot of FUN :)

LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS ONE! Thank You for the invitation Lori !

onsdag 17 november 2010

Lejonklou / De Koning Challenge part III / pink, black, white and chain..

As I wrote in the sneak peak those beads could have turned out to some romantic jewelry but thats not whar happened when i started to play with them
This is a Talisman for Your path in life
The "pendant" part is black and white to make it easier to see clearly an with a little help from Your friends in the spirit world (wing)
couple of keys to help You unlock secrets
my handmade white button connecting with mother earth
pyrite 2 pc. bigger shimmering (gorgeous) and 3 small rounds - is on of the strongest  stones for development on all levels
and to give You courage to show and stand up for who You really are
silk is soft, feminine and pink =LOVE 
and the smaller silk part is a wrap with the words- my path written inside

 I cant wait to see what Malin is making :) 

tisdag 16 november 2010

A little sneak peak...............

from tomorrows release of   Lejonklou/ de Koning   challenge  part 3
in pink white and black  + chain....
The rebel in me shows clearly  here as those beads ask You to make something pretty :)
.......... or I blame it on  the spirits always around me when I create .......

it is to dark now to take any pictures today .......
but tomorrow is another day..

måndag 15 november 2010

Art beadscene Challenge November -Tree of Life

 a necklace in the lovely earthy colors from  Klimt´s art Tree came out of this challenge

and I had to create  me a Flickr  acount to enter also...:)

Description in the flickr. picture

måndag 8 november 2010

A hungry heart

Sunday dinnertime I found this when I was going to cook 
As one of my girls collect pictures of hearts that appear in life
I took a picture
pretty cute ??? :)

onsdag 3 november 2010

Lejonklou / De Koning Challenge part II / Part Party


So today was the day for part two to show
And as usual it did not at all turn out the way I planned
hm...did I hear some giggling behind my back ?? (those angels have a lot of fun)

Started out as a bracelet and turned out to be a necklace AND a matching pair of earrings ;)

I did not use at all as many beads as I intended to...
necklace:  the gorgeous silk ribbon with a bow at top
some white beads wrapped on
and 2 Swarovski beads
Actually this is a romantic piece to as i use 2 of many beads to draw love close...
the square shimmering  crystal bead
3 gorgeous green faceted beads
sterling silver spacers
fine silver ballpins
recycled Fine silver 16g / hand made clasp
ox. chain heart shape

Earrings are made of 16 g recycled fine silver that i soldered to big rings and left a bit wild / with goldish shimmer from the flame kissing
ear hooks and dangle small white beads and lovely white and gold enamel beads + green turquoise
 wrapped on to the loop

The pictures are not so good as it is very dark outside now and raining but it is all ready sold to a friend who passed by as i finished it up so I do believe it is pretty nice in real life :).............

Thank You Malin !! this is a lot of fun :)
Find Malin de Koning at    http://beadingbymalindekoning.blogspot.com/