lördag 27 november 2010

Obsessed with the SNOW

I admit i am a bit obsessed with the snow around here
Mullsjö where I live has the "snow record" of Sweden at the moment with  30 inches  .....and snowing again outside even though it is pretty cold   17.6 F
And it is in  the south only about 6 hours by car from the southern end of this veeeeeeeery long country
it is a village well known for the fresh air and snowy winters but this is extreme indeed ......not even December yet.....
Last Year it was this amount of snow but it did not snow so quick and early.....then it started after christmas
I grew up in a bigger town Jönköping about 30 minutes by car south of here and I never saw anything like this and last winter in my 57 years on this planet
I will get a bit worried about my hedge and my roof if it will continue....  and normally I hardly see those neighbours as shown in the summer picture

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