onsdag 17 november 2010

Lejonklou / De Koning Challenge part III / pink, black, white and chain..

As I wrote in the sneak peak those beads could have turned out to some romantic jewelry but thats not whar happened when i started to play with them
This is a Talisman for Your path in life
The "pendant" part is black and white to make it easier to see clearly an with a little help from Your friends in the spirit world (wing)
couple of keys to help You unlock secrets
my handmade white button connecting with mother earth
pyrite 2 pc. bigger shimmering (gorgeous) and 3 small rounds - is on of the strongest  stones for development on all levels
and to give You courage to show and stand up for who You really are
silk is soft, feminine and pink =LOVE 
and the smaller silk part is a wrap with the words- my path written inside

 I cant wait to see what Malin is making :) 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Mmmmmm, I like! Very very nice! The colours work very well together, looks like your silk is more pink than mine was, it goes so nicely with the antiqued brass. It has been a fun project to do with you. Thank you! And I still got a lot of nice beads left that you sent me. :-)

  2. this one is nice too :) i love this style