fredag 19 november 2010

Devoted to Development

what comes out of the creative process........

........ when I started making jewelry 2004
what came out does not look at all the same as today´s creations
They allways develop from inside of me and when I begun  I had not seen anything like those wire jewelry I made...
I could not answer question about where i got the idea´s
I did not attend any classes but got some books about techniques later on

As I sit down in my studio to create I have an idea about what Im going to do....but at the end most of the times it does not end up at all as I was thinking from the start
Colors and most of the parts in the jewelry is what I was thinking of but the finish can be very much different...:)
When I am in the process it sort of live its own life and takes over ...(and I know a bunch of angels and relatives from the spirit world are beside me)

I made a lot of pretty jewelry with lampwork and pearls but find it hard to do that any more
If i start out with that intention often it ends up as a talisman instead or something with a meaning!
and sometimes balancing maybe - between beautiful and ugly
That is an interesting edge to balance on really .....and craves a lot of attention at the end
Also of course it is depends a lot on who is looking ( i betraktarens öga)
I remember when i started to use a lot of chains - many complained about it .....eeewww so much chain but a year later they wanted all chains but by that time i was a bit fed up with it...

Actually I do think people are going to crave jewelry with meaning and personal style, healing effect and hand made stuff 
As written on some of my hand made parts - TIME COMES  

Yesterday I made this talisman for someone who needs to create a happy home

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