onsdag 3 november 2010

Lejonklou / De Koning Challenge part II / Part Party


So today was the day for part two to show
And as usual it did not at all turn out the way I planned
hm...did I hear some giggling behind my back ?? (those angels have a lot of fun)

Started out as a bracelet and turned out to be a necklace AND a matching pair of earrings ;)

I did not use at all as many beads as I intended to...
necklace:  the gorgeous silk ribbon with a bow at top
some white beads wrapped on
and 2 Swarovski beads
Actually this is a romantic piece to as i use 2 of many beads to draw love close...
the square shimmering  crystal bead
3 gorgeous green faceted beads
sterling silver spacers
fine silver ballpins
recycled Fine silver 16g / hand made clasp
ox. chain heart shape

Earrings are made of 16 g recycled fine silver that i soldered to big rings and left a bit wild / with goldish shimmer from the flame kissing
ear hooks and dangle small white beads and lovely white and gold enamel beads + green turquoise
 wrapped on to the loop

The pictures are not so good as it is very dark outside now and raining but it is all ready sold to a friend who passed by as i finished it up so I do believe it is pretty nice in real life :).............

Thank You Malin !! this is a lot of fun :)
Find Malin de Koning at    http://beadingbymalindekoning.blogspot.com/

3 kommentarer:

  1. I LOVE what you made Birgitta! Very party-ish necklace. And the earrings are fun. Great you have already sold it.

    I will present my own contribution later tonight, after I have had the photographs moved over to my computer ... Endure! I guess you will check it out early tomorrow morning :-)

    All my best,

  2. i love this necklace and earring set.
    i'm laughing too cause many of my pieces don't follow the orignal plans..things just seem to happen on their own ;)
    and your pieces happened in such a beautiful way.
    you are winning me over to including fiber
    (ribbon) to jewelry.

  3. It was sold I thought but my friend changed her mind or her sister actually who was going to have it as a gift...she wanted another one - her neck was not slim..this is kind of choker
    So i will list it later