söndag 27 mars 2011

And the lucky number for today was 13

Rising designs !
so Nancy Saccoccio is the winner of the 3 ceramic pendants from this giveaway!
mail me Your adress so I can send them over there:)

AND Thank You for all the comments ...
.it is so nice to see the differences in taste and color preferences!

tisdag 22 mars 2011

A Give-away to celebrate !

Many things to be grateful for:

  • 5000 + visitors to my blog
  • my new love =   the  kiln
  • spring is here - all ice has melted from my driveway to the house :)
so I have choosen those 3  ceramic parts for the give-away - flower, heart and owl ..

To enter the give-away just write a comment - I would like to know what colors or parts from my pictures You like the most...but write whatever You like....:)

I will choose a random winner on Sunday  27 / 3  (as we write it over here)
And here is a picture from some more parts out of the kiln.......just to show some different colors and styles...

måndag 14 mars 2011

Hrrrrrrmmmmmmm.... cough..cough... blush :)

OH.....well.... I have the most amazing new kiln with multiple  programing opportunities / 5 scales....:)
And it is easy to handle
If You do what You think You are doing....
My first firing with the glaze I  had top temp 1180 C  (I thought ) but I had put in 1080 C instead.......so
I got some pretty stuff out of the kiln last night
but I choose to refire  most of it to higher temp
 as the porcelain also is not totally fired
I kept some pretties though :

And now the kiln is working again with a reload and some new stuff.......
looks like this at the top shelf
On some I have only under-glaze .....hope they will be nice..

lördag 12 mars 2011

ÄNTLIGEN HÄR !! First firing testing testing :)

So i got the kiln thursday afternoon !
and right now it is up in about 500 C  for test and start-firing
In about an hour its time to close the holes for fumes and air..
I have programmed 3 diff  fire scales and one extra for this first firing
Tomorrow I will load with some porcelain with new glazes and see how they turn out in about 1180C
I hope there will be a smile on my face when opening :) up  after that one!
I do love those bottled brush on glazes I did buy from USA
they are so nice to work with
just hope they look good when fired tooooooooo ...ooooh

onsdag 2 mars 2011

Waiting for my new kiln to arrive :)

It is supposted to leave Germany any time now and arrive at the end of this week or the next
I have prepared a lot of pendants and connectors to experiment ... :-o  ! my new glaces on .....
It will be very very fun.... and maybe not so fun every time i open it after firing ....

her is a picture of some new designs (bisque fired)  waiting :)    My favorites are the coral branch and the Greek Goddess (in front)