måndag 14 mars 2011

Hrrrrrrmmmmmmm.... cough..cough... blush :)

OH.....well.... I have the most amazing new kiln with multiple  programing opportunities / 5 scales....:)
And it is easy to handle
If You do what You think You are doing....
My first firing with the glaze I  had top temp 1180 C  (I thought ) but I had put in 1080 C instead.......so
I got some pretty stuff out of the kiln last night
but I choose to refire  most of it to higher temp
 as the porcelain also is not totally fired
I kept some pretties though :

And now the kiln is working again with a reload and some new stuff.......
looks like this at the top shelf
On some I have only under-glaze .....hope they will be nice..

5 kommentarer:

  1. Congratulations!!! The new adventure begins:)

  2. Those are beautiful pieces, Birgitta. I'm so happy you are enjoying the process. You are getting great glaze results, too!

  3. I was pretty surprises to find that those 8 pieces with under-glaze only turned out so shiny without (the clear shiny) over-glaze...but those are ALL new glazes to me..
    Only the light turquoise 2 and reddish 1 are normal cone5-6 glazes...
    the light turquoise is so pretty with a little crackle effect that does not show in the pictures here...reglazed some of them and added more layers to see how the effects turns out..

  4. Love the red and brown hearts!! Wow I can
    only imagine now the things that will come
    out of your kiln! Congrats

  5. These are beautiful! Opening up a kiln full of goodies is one of the best feelings! Things that go in brown come out blue ... what gets better than that?