onsdag 2 mars 2011

Waiting for my new kiln to arrive :)

It is supposted to leave Germany any time now and arrive at the end of this week or the next
I have prepared a lot of pendants and connectors to experiment ... :-o  ! my new glaces on .....
It will be very very fun.... and maybe not so fun every time i open it after firing ....

her is a picture of some new designs (bisque fired)  waiting :)    My favorites are the coral branch and the Greek Goddess (in front)

6 kommentarer:

  1. God morgon! Birgitta you are going to have so much fun with your new kiln,i can't wait to see all the wonderful beads & pendants u create, of the ones in the picture i like the one at the bottom right side with the little bird. Ha en bra dag! :)

  2. Looking forward to see them done! Your kiln will be a slice of Heaven!

  3. Thank You for taking Your time to comment Lana!
    kan du svenska ???????

  4. Thanks Janet...maybe we can trade if You make some beads :)!!

  5. Wow! Such beady goodness to come! I am smitten with that little birdie one. Enjoy the day, Birgitta!

  6. Ooh, they're all fun. I love the Greek goddess in the front too, as well as the owl. Can't wait to see them finished :)