söndag 25 mars 2012

Echo Creative Club March design reveal

This is a blog hop so do not forget to look at the other designs for this month!

A few weeks ago I signed up to be part of the Echo Creative Club hosted by  Jeannie Dukic  I choose  some of her lovely polymer clay beads and received one of these lovely Gin Blossoms pendants  a very special one with many holes as I felt it had to be made into something tribal

here is a picture also from the beautiful packing it arrived in

was not as easy as I thought to add some dangles on this beauty
but I acted  like most times at my bead table
not very much thinking....... let inspiration flow
just manifesting what was waiting to be done

so instead of the more classic ethnic long necklace I saw in my mind when I first got my eyes on this beautiful pendant it is a shorter  tribal one and very much a show stopper

some Turquoise beads
a crystal pointer
recycled glass
ancient glass and  lampwork beads 
my handmade ceramic beads (one with a tribal face) and button
rhinestone rondelle
and of course some silk

some white leather in the dangles and some thicker antique brown in the clasp

Thank You Jeannie for letting me play along with Your beautiful beads !

Now take a tour and see what  all the Eco Creative Club designers this month made :

Cindy Cima Edwards http://www.cindycima.com
Check out the Echo Creative Club Flickr page where we add our designs each month.

onsdag 21 mars 2012


A little tour in the garden


To attain knowledge
add something every day
To attain wisdom
remove something every day

( how do I apply that to my bead obsession :)


söndag 18 mars 2012


One of my bracelets have been in a couple of  treasuries lately
nice to see how they are composed so differently
Was going to show them in other format here but did not manage so this is instead only one of the latest one with great jewelry in!  made by ettamorphisis
2 days ago
I am in the company of a bunch of my favorite designers  Thank You!

and in list form  sorry ;)

><>Obsessively Opposed To The Typical<><

Bless You all

fredag 16 mars 2012

Wings and Feathers

I have been trying some new glazes and ideas this week
First  firing did not make me smile when opening the kiln 
 but re-firing did  :)

First pic. pendant really looks like a picture from some old newspaper or something not really captured in the photo as usual

more wings new glaze

 and some other ideas Im testing 

 Now I just have to stop playing with the clay and start making jewelry  :)

This is a bit short post but my head is aching due to some bug my immune system is fighting

have a creative weekend


onsdag 14 mars 2012

New haircut or haircat

As me persians live a rather free life and can go out in the garden sometimes they get very messy in the fur
so usually we cut the hair twice a year
In the 90-s  when I went to some cat shows and also breeded a little we spent a lot of time bathing ( once a week ) and taking care of the fur pretty well...
Now they look like some kind of unusual dogs......once in a while ...

Like Anton just now

It is easy to see that they do love this short hair  from the way they behave when cut...
I use to leave that gorgeous tail like a fox..

onsdag 7 mars 2012

25 % SALE in my SUPPLY shop

Full Moon  sale  :)

and some new listings 

like this mix of pendants  
need to clear some space in the studio .....

måndag 5 mars 2012

A key to my heart

A while ago I saw a beautiful key with lampwork bead on a necklace  in  Cece Cormier´s blog. She is an incredible artist with so many skills! Well ..I asked her if she could make a smiling  key for me with a happy lampwork on to make some jewelry for myself...and she said yes ....... trade with some ceramic...yey  :)
And today when opening the mailbox inside was an envelope from USA...CECE  .... .....VEEEERY   heavy for a key I must say even if wrapped well !

inside this package I found this gorgeous key with lovely flowers on the bead and the colors Im longing for 


one more key .....a lovely old rusty one with another artful wonderful pretty bead on it !!


lots  of Cece´s lovingly handmade beads  in matching colors

and I mean LOTS !!!
can You believe this  

My eyes were filled with tears when opening this treasure.......

I got a real  HUGE  SOUP  :) and i love every piece !

and what was making this envelope xtra heavy was this 

Yoga Nidra book and CD  as I had discussed my high Vata condition with Cece she sent me those to help me balance it up !! There was also one of her lovely handmade angels in there with 2012 beading an beading written on it :)

and a lonely guy  blue lampwork bead I think he might have jumped in by himself :)  (sitting on the book)

I am totally overwhelmed and happy and want to say that You are a wonderful, generous  friend and soul  Cece and I am very grateful to have met You online !

Thank You from the bottom of my heart

söndag 4 mars 2012

I got my bead for the Echo Creative Club March design

This is the first time I participate in this event :)
and just got my first bead some days ago..it flow over here really fast!!

 You can read more about the polymer clay artist who made this beautiful  bead  ,  Jeannie,  and this club  HERE

 she wrote this about the Eco Creative club:
"What does the name, Echo Creative mean?  Echo is something you put out there and it comes back.  I put my beads out there and they come back in a creative design from you. "

....... arrived very artfully packed. Thank You !!

And here is a closer look at this pendant

I asked for some extra holes as I do have an idea for this beauty.....
and what that is .........will be revealed    March 25  so welcome back then!

have a lovely Sunday