söndag 25 mars 2012

Echo Creative Club March design reveal

This is a blog hop so do not forget to look at the other designs for this month!

A few weeks ago I signed up to be part of the Echo Creative Club hosted by  Jeannie Dukic  I choose  some of her lovely polymer clay beads and received one of these lovely Gin Blossoms pendants  a very special one with many holes as I felt it had to be made into something tribal

here is a picture also from the beautiful packing it arrived in

was not as easy as I thought to add some dangles on this beauty
but I acted  like most times at my bead table
not very much thinking....... let inspiration flow
just manifesting what was waiting to be done

so instead of the more classic ethnic long necklace I saw in my mind when I first got my eyes on this beautiful pendant it is a shorter  tribal one and very much a show stopper

some Turquoise beads
a crystal pointer
recycled glass
ancient glass and  lampwork beads 
my handmade ceramic beads (one with a tribal face) and button
rhinestone rondelle
and of course some silk

some white leather in the dangles and some thicker antique brown in the clasp

Thank You Jeannie for letting me play along with Your beautiful beads !

Now take a tour and see what  all the Eco Creative Club designers this month made :

Cindy Cima Edwards http://www.cindycima.com
Check out the Echo Creative Club Flickr page where we add our designs each month.

12 kommentarer:

  1. That is so cool! Loooooove those dangles!

  2. Birgitta, the mix of beads are very interesting and you put them together beautifully. A necklace like this is not so easy to do, but you did with such harmony. Thank you for creating such beauty.

  3. Love the colors and the funky and earthy feel of this necklace - fantastic job!

  4. Oh those colors! I love the earthy feel of this piece.

  5. Ooh! I love the tribal vibe you went with Birgitta. Seeing it on you is perfect. You are a beautiful model! I love the fact that your pretty face bead showed up in there. So many interesting details to return to again and again. Enjoy the day!

  6. You are rocking the look. I love how you took the blossom in a different direction. Her gin blossoms are so versatile! The necklace is great!

  7. Birgetta, it is so beautiful! I love how you used the button!

  8. That is so beautiful on! I love the button.

  9. What an awesome necklace! It looks fantastic on you!

    1. Thank You Lola,
      Actually the model in not me! My daughter Sara..
      I am 59 so even if I do look young.... not that much :)

  10. SO beautiful - and the picture of you modeling it is fantastic! :) I love the tribal design, and the other beads you chose to go with the Gin Blossom focal work perfectly - gorgeous!

  11. Your necklace turned out beautifully! I adore the dangles as well as the variety of beads you used. Nicely done!!