måndag 5 mars 2012

A key to my heart

A while ago I saw a beautiful key with lampwork bead on a necklace  in  Cece Cormier´s blog. She is an incredible artist with so many skills! Well ..I asked her if she could make a smiling  key for me with a happy lampwork on to make some jewelry for myself...and she said yes ....... trade with some ceramic...yey  :)
And today when opening the mailbox inside was an envelope from USA...CECE  .... .....VEEEERY   heavy for a key I must say even if wrapped well !

inside this package I found this gorgeous key with lovely flowers on the bead and the colors Im longing for 


one more key .....a lovely old rusty one with another artful wonderful pretty bead on it !!


lots  of Cece´s lovingly handmade beads  in matching colors

and I mean LOTS !!!
can You believe this  

My eyes were filled with tears when opening this treasure.......

I got a real  HUGE  SOUP  :) and i love every piece !

and what was making this envelope xtra heavy was this 

Yoga Nidra book and CD  as I had discussed my high Vata condition with Cece she sent me those to help me balance it up !! There was also one of her lovely handmade angels in there with 2012 beading an beading written on it :)

and a lonely guy  blue lampwork bead I think he might have jumped in by himself :)  (sitting on the book)

I am totally overwhelmed and happy and want to say that You are a wonderful, generous  friend and soul  Cece and I am very grateful to have met You online !

Thank You from the bottom of my heart

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