torsdag 14 februari 2013

There is a heart for every one

I hope You all have a day filled with LOVE !

I found those in the kiln this morning :-)
(and lots of other nice stuff)

onsdag 13 februari 2013

What´s on the stove today

not literally ... SOUP   :-)

from Dini my partner more about her in my last post !!

came packed in pretty paper :-)

and tastes really great from the start 

how about that did she know I LOVE chocolate ?? or does all bead addicts  ??

also lots of my favo stones like  Kyanite , Agate,  Abalone and Rock crystal .... jumm  ......Im thinking about designs  here ;-)  

This focal is just stunning and Kyanite is one of the strongest stones for healing as it never take on any negative energies  LOVE this stone

And those gorgeous lampwork beads she made for me + some more Agate and Coral beads

and finally the metal parts with a pretty clasp  some connectors and a chain + Pyrite beads another favo stone of mine..

Actually colors are very similar to what I sent to her and that´s funny !!
I love the colors in this mix to work with
Thank You again Dini!

Now the show must go on and it is creating time in the studio for some time...

Thank You for stopping by


måndag 11 februari 2013

I better clean the mess

on my bead table ....BTM  (beadtablemess)
I think this is the worse mix ever  and no space to work :-)  Pictures are not super as I was taking them in the darker afternoon ...

The reason (or one of them) is Im going through my big stash of stones 

some of the boxes are now at the studio floor for this reason... good thing to get some help with this as my back does not like it much..

who does not love rock crystal ... jumm

Time to get to it and clean the table because today my SOUP may arrive :-)

so soon I will show You what I get to work with this time !!

Thank You for stopping by

söndag 10 februari 2013

BSBP partner

I have got my partner for The Bead Soup Blog Party nr 7
Dini Bruinsma in Netherlands (click the name for her blog)

Today Im shipping of my soup and hope she will soon have it on her bead table :-)

This is what the things I sent looks like at the moment 

Dini makes lovely jewelry and fantastic lampwork beads like those 

We design in very different ways so this swap will be lots of fun and challenging Im sure :-)

Dont forget to check back for more posts about the BSBP !!

Thanks for stopping by

So much love