torsdag 13 januari 2011

Just back from the kiln

I do have a lot of ceramic parts to take care of now 
My friend Kia was surprised they did fill up the hole kiln  (I was not)
It is a rather big round kiln "open"  at the top...
Here are some favo´s   

I start with a new glace I tested that turned out well  - it is a rather big pendant ( i had one other glace that did not burn at all..looks like gray dust /cement  even if it is stuck on the parts....

And another that is perfect to me  i used underglaces only  ...a wing shimmering a bit like peacock  feathers..

and a little more colors 
some oldlooking.....
this is also a big! pendant

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  1. these are wonderful , i especially like that large turquoise one.