lördag 3 november 2012

A piece of Mother Earth and some updates for the HOP next SATURDAY

 A piece of mother Earth

 This is LAVA from Island my daughter Lina brought home to me this summer. She went to work for some months over there and I asked her to pick some rocks for jewelry if possible...

 This is a picture from Gullfoss

and Vatnajökull where she picked this perfect one with hole..that I am working on a necklace with now..

 Lina has lots of beautiful pictures from Island in the header for her blog if You want more...

I do love this pictures with Island horses

And now about the Celebrating Mother Earth Challenge


on my blog

Kaushambi Shah 
Julie Thelen
Lynn Ferro 
and me

and those with blogs
here is the list I am testing now.. 

Birgitta Lejonklou   lejonklou.blogspot.se
  Emma Todd       apolymerpenchant.blogspot.se
Inge Traud      http://www.ingetraud.wordpress.com
Sandra Wollberg   city-of-brass-stories.blogspot.se
Cece Courmier   thebeadingyogini.com
Jenny Davies-Reazor     Is not going to make it
Margareta Saari    magsinhelmet.blogspot.se
Toltec Jewels   www.JewelSchoolFriends.com
Susan         http://libellulajewelry.com
Leena             vikkityyli.blogspot.se
Jean Wells   did not get her focal in time I am so sorry to say :-((((   It has been travelleing for 4 !! weeks ...very strange..and sad!

Any problems with links or other things about this..
did I forget someone?
 contact me 
I need pictures of course  of the jewelry I am going to post here :-)

mail :   design@lejonklou.se

I am so thrilled about this and cant wait to see what all talented artists come up with!! :-)

and...I am not at all finished with my jewelry for the hop....just like some of You..

see You all on SATURDAY  10 NOVEMBER !!
Thank You very much to those willing to play along  and those who like to watch

lots of love

7 kommentarer:

  1. Gorgeous--both the rocks she sent back and her photos!!!

  2. Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.

  3. Hello Birgitta :)

    Beautiful lava jewelry! Lovely post.

    About our Mother Earth blog hop, I sent an email but haven't reached you. I still do not have my beads. I will use my friend Christine's beads (also Mother Earth style by "BeadFeaky") in the blog hop on Saturday if I must. Can you please check the tracking, if possible? I hope to work with your beautiful art soon, Birgitta :)

    Love and light,


    1. Hi Rita,
      I am sorry You did not reach me but the mail address is correct in the post and I got some mail here.
      I really hope You get those beads tomorrow then. I have feedback for some things I sent at the same time...so they should be there now !! I do not know if the storm may delay some shipping over there??
      Normal time is 6 working days...but it can take up to 2 weeks..sometimes..
      Let me know how it goes in mail or Etsy convo!! good You have a backup plan ! :-)
      love and light to You to

  4. Love those lava rocks. They are so perfect for jewelry. I don't have my beads yet either. I am so excited about participating. Would it be possible to push the date out a week? If I get them Monday or Tuesday, I should be okay, but after that, I'm a bit scared.


    1. Hi Jean,
      Im sorry You do not have Your goddies either..
      Hope they will come tomorrow as I wrote on Etsy!!
      we will keep in contact
      and I will ask the angels for help now.. (no plan B )

  5. Wonderful jobs! I follow you!