söndag 18 november 2012

The Winner of the Give-away and I got published

First I want to thank all participants who made those incredible creations for the HOP  and those who took the time to look at the Mother Earth blog hop!
Actually Mother earth interfered with this hop as 3 of the participants did not get their  ceramic parts in time !! They traveled for 4 weeks instead of about 1 week due to storm SANDY

  I have used a random number generator on the net today to get a winner for those two pendants and it is 

Sharon Borsavage
congrats to You !!
Will send them out soon...

Also Im happy to say that my goal of 500 sales is made and I passed 600 just now....
A BIG thank You to all the lovely customers who support my work

And a surprise ..
I was published in   Nov. issue of   Bead Trends mag.
I have been published about my jewelry design in Swedish magazines and even interviewed in the local radio in 2006  but this is the first time abroad ;
with my ceramic parts in gorgeous creations made by Andria McKee  (Thank You)
I knew about the angel pendant but not that my dragonfly bracelet focal also was in the magazine

 A very nice surprise when I finally got my issue in the mail a few days ago  :o)

Finally a picture from a part of Mother Earth I like very much and use to walk around often ..the woods in my little village..

Thanks for stopping by

4 kommentarer:

  1. Åh, du berättade inte att du fått två saker publicerade. Jag visste bara om ängeln! Mycket fint! :D

  2. Thank you again for letting me participate in the Mother Earth Challenge. I really enjoyed it, Birgitta!

    Congratulations on getting published. Your work is so beautiful!

  3. I was so joyful to receive your beautiful beads the very morning of the hop, and grateful to get to create with them after all! A blessing and gift from the universe, I'm certain. I'm honored to "Celebrate with Spirit" across the globe with you all!!

    Congratulations on Bead Trends, Birgitta! I will buy the issue today, my friend. Your jewelry and beads are gorgeous!

    Gracias and Te quiero,

  4. Oh, thank you so much ...I am thrilled! I adore your work Birgitta, it is filled with spirit and soul! Thank you, thank you!