fredag 9 november 2012

Celebrating Mother Earth reveal and blog HOP

Welcome to a tour around the world ..well some parts of it..!
So...finally the day is here for a small celebration of our planet
Our  Mother Earth
Nasa picture

and I think the time chosen is good with all strange weather going on around the planet........

A wake up call for us to take better care of what is "under our feet" and the host of our physical bodies down here...

In this post I will show what four different artists ( including me) made with those special ceramic pieces as focals and  further down in the post You will find the list of the other participants with blogs  !
A BIG thank You to the participants and those of You taking the time to look around  It has been so much fun and I look forward to see the rest of the creations...

well :-) 

time  to look at what all the lovely artists participating in this challenge have been working on ...
You will find links to Etsy shops if You click on the names of the artists !! 

Starting with my friend
Julie Thelen who was one of the winners of the ceramic parts from the original post. She made this gorgeous necklace...with river stones, silk, silver and more..

This is what she writes about it ;
The necklace comprises the following "natural" elements from different parts of the world:
- Silk ribbon
- Sterling silver wire and handcrafted links
- Beach stones from Lake Michigan
- Recycled glass disk beads from Ghana, Africa
- Modern Indo-Pacific glass beads, handcrafted in Indonesia using an old technique ("ancestors" of seed beads)
- Recycled glass rondelles from Java Island in Indonesia
- Beads handsculpted from polymer clay, textured, buffed and aged -- made by Fox at One Urban Tribe (etsy) in New Hampshire
- Rustic porcelain disk beads, handmade by Ginny at Ginpins (etsy) in California 
-and the pièce de résistance... Ceramic Mother Earth focal by my dear friend, Birgitta Lejonklou in Sweden

And now something different with a bracelet focal won by the  artist Kaushambi Shah   now on her way to India to get married  (how romantic is that!!) ..She made this wonderful feminine  "Festive Earth Goddess Bracelet" with pearls and silk and more  while preparing to fly home for the marriage .........

she writes ;
 Hi Birgitta,
First of all THANK YOU very much for picking me - thoroughly enjoyed designing with this lovely focal :)

"Festive Earth Goddess Bracelet" is a delicate mix of pastel and earth tones to celebrate a wedding, the holiday season or happy occasion!

To enhance the soft pastel green of the ceramic focal showing the calm and bountiful countenance of the Earth Goddess, I have designed with champagne pearls, amazonite beads, antiquated brass chain and matte gold sari silk ribbon.
While the ceramic focal truly celebrates Mother Earth and her bounty, the pearls, amazonite, silk and brass remind us of the multitude and variety she offers us.

Next in line of talented artists is Lynn Ferro
who made this fantastic piece to a very special lady who is the lucky  owner of it now. Just got a message from her that is it even  more beautiful IRL ! 
Lynn writes ;
I tried to use all natural materials given the theme of Mother Earth; hemp twine, sea shells, glass beads, coconut shell, paper bead from African, bury seed, silk, bone, carved soap stone  and natural Howlite.

And finally I have my Mother Earth necklace to show You
" Do I dare to open my eyes"

I have been working wit natural un-waxed eco linen here and I did LOVE it :-) + bone wood, my ceramic button, lampwork beads and Czech glass beads in that ancient looking new style hard to resist. Also added some pearly beads to bring out the feminine side ! It is a long one and hard to capture in pictures ..You can recognize the focal from my header on the blog ..been holding on to it..
I have braided some and a small part is macrame ...
Working a bit with needle and linen reminds me of when I was Young before I got my kids and did a lot of embroidery  and even made laces using one of those knyppeldyna (swedish)

Also I have a 25% OFF SALE in my supply shop during the weekend !
The code You will find in the shop!

And a giveaway of those focals :

 I will randomly draw a winner of this focal next weekend! You only have to leave a comment to be in!

Well...that was all jewelry for todays HOP on this post and the rest You will find in the list below

The List of BLOGS :
Emma Todd

Cece Courmier
 Margareta Saari
Toltec Jewels 
Birgitta Lejonklou

Thank You so much for taking Your time to visit  and I love comments of course :-)

in peace and love

well I add this song to the post now as I have been interested in "saving the world"since High School 
Did buy this record on a trip to England 1969  just when man landed on the moon .....and I am afraid the world is far from cleaner now!!!
I am a member of Green Peace but wold like to  do more! 


21 kommentarer:

  1. Jättevackert (ditt). Första gången jag gillar ett av dina ansikten :)

  2. Fabulous, you all!
    Julie: I love the colourway in your necklace, so tender and charming!
    Kaushambi: You got it so romantic, lovely colours, and congratulations :-)
    Lynn: Really, you should have a blog, I'd love to follow your designs! This is so versatile and awesome!
    Birgitta: Oh yes, I can understand that you've been saving the focal, what a lovely and fabulous piece it is! I really love those colours!

    Birgitta, thank you for this challenge, it re-opened my eyes for your focals and ceramic in general!

  3. Thank You Margareta !
    It is a good thing to find ceramic as a part of jewelry, Your bracelet was a very nice combination with the leather and stones that gave me some new ideas :-)

  4. I love all of the pieces and they really are a celebration od Mother Earth! That tool you called knyppeldyna is very similar to our tools for making the bobbin lace from Idrija (Slovenia).
    And I'd love to win one of your focals :-)

    1. Thank you Pepita!
      I will count You in for the focals !

  5. These are all soooo gorgeous! I am sorry I missed this event, but all of the artists have made fantastic pieces with natural elements fitting for your focals!

    1. Hi Sharon
      would have been great to have You in! You make wonderful things with my focals :-)

  6. Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate, Birgitta. It is so fun to see what everyone created with their Mother Earth focals. Each work of art is so beautiful and different from one another. Truly amazing.

    1. Hi Julie,
      and thank You for making that pretty necklace with the focal !! Now Im heading over to list some in the shop and I guess I will meat You there ;o)

  7. Wow, everything is just beautiful. You are all such talented and gifted artists that it is no small wonder that such beautiful thing would come from the collaboration. Not one of you failed to create up to what I figured you would. I am so disappointed that my focal did not arrive so that I could participate but I am so enjoying everyone else's work. Lynn, Margareta is right - you should have a blog, but I know we have discussed why you don't.

  8. Oh, I would love to win the one with the "eyeshadow". That is just too gorgeous. Pick me, pick me! (My usual begging....)

  9. The jewelry that was made with your ceramic creations are beautiful. You bring inspirations to life with your pieces, and creativity to artist all around the world. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us. And your new piece shown here in the blog are spectacular. So unique and beautiful. Maybe my luck will change and I will win one.

    Thanks again for sharing!

  10. Thank you again, Birgitta for hosting this blog hop. I have greatly enjoyed it.

    I love everyone's use of such natural materials. It really echoes Birgitta's sentiments regarding how we must protect the earth.

    I remember that song, too! I used to sing it when I was little. That was the same time period that Woodsy Owl was urging everyone to "Give a hoot. Don't pollute!" Here's one of the later commercials:

  11. Thank you Birgitta for hosting this amazing contest. Your talent brought out our talent, and it happened from all around the cool is that!

    Everyone's work is spectacular and so different, we all see creativity in a different way, I think that is how Mother Earth intended it~

    Lynn Ferro

  12. Thank you so much for an interesting challenge Birgitta!
    Really beatiful jewerly, skilled desingner, thank you all!
    It was a pleasure to be involved in.

  13. Birgitta,

    You removed my blog from the list -- no!!- I am the one who told you the beads I purchased were late from the hurricane storm but I would use someone else's beads! :) I hope you add me back! lol.. No worries as a peace lover I am not looking for reasons to be appreciative and kind always. What lovely art we share here in the blog hop and on Earth. And as I stated on Saturday on my blog, I had a Mother Earth miracle because your beads arrived on Saturday!!! A beautiful gift from the universe so I could use your beautiful beads, dear friend, not have to post some one elses's beads a I was going to have to -- thank you Universe for all to appreciate!


  14. I got a bead today! Thank you so much, Birgitta. I love it. I have found that etched lampwork beads go well with ceramic beads. I will go make some.

  15. After seeing the faces, I have been working with the faces in polymer clay. I read your bio and I just resigned sadly from my teaching position due to degenerative disc disease. I've had two back surgeries in a year both of which have left me better but still with pain. I surrounded myself with my family and lots and lots of beads as well as clay. So my journey begins as one ends...I am thankful of being alive. Your work is inspiring.

  16. Birgitta, this is such a wonderful concept and the pieces are so beautiful. I also love the way everyone had so many ideas and wishes for Mother Earth. You are so fine to have come up with this important theme for a blog hop. I wish I could have participated and would have if I had not already agreed to participate in our local arts council annual studio tour. Here on these days, Mother earth was warm, the sun shone and the sky was very blue. It was a record breaking temp for this time of year. I think you made Mother Earth very happy over these days. I know you made all your viewers very happy too.