fredag 8 april 2011

REDOX (Swedish and English) very interesting ( new ?) type of glaze !

är en speciell sorts glasyr / ett mellanting mellan glasyr och angobe
som man kan lägga på både skröjbränd lera och rå lera
Fantastiskt spännade att testa och jag har hunnit köra 2 olika bränningar sen i måndags när jag fick dom olika färgerna (pulver) i små påsar 6 olika nyanser
Man kan även dra upp dom i olika temperaturer mellan 1050 och 1250 grader C  för olika nyanser
lär ta ett tag att lära sig / den som skulle bli turkos blev mörkgrön med mini inslag av turkos tex...:)
men mina provbränningar har gett mig en hel del gosaker att använda i smyckena mm....

A special kind of glace ( from Germany) that can be used on raw clay as well as bisque fired and in a wide range of  top temp / You can also dilute them heavily as 1/6  powder water!! still get nice colors ...
1922-2282 F / they work intimit with the clay and give a lot of different shiftings in diff. temp and clays..
Mostly they are silk-matte but they can also be shiny like the copper toned was when I  fired it in a single firing  ...some look a lot like leather and most of the testing even if not as I "expected" came out just fine :)

You can click on the images if You like a closer look !

5 kommentarer:

  1. So interesting to h ear about a different kind of glaze, esp one fire kind. love the results. almost like a stain but with a bit deeper finish, it looks like. Let us know when they are being imported to US and Candada!!

  2. Your beads are so wondorous!
    Are they coming to the shop?

  3. Your work is just getting better and better Birgitta! Pretty things there.