fredag 13 april 2012

Some of the new designs for the show this weekend

I have been making some new jewelery for a small show in my village this sunday
I am working on pieces with my own ceramic parts mostly
like those ethnic style necklaces

a lot of goddies in this one like a BIG faceted GARNET and  lots of recycled glass
ancient glass and bauxite beads

and this with a more feminine touch  from color of violet jasper and pearls, 
antique glass and bone beads

I  love those leaves that look like old leather from my special glaze :)
simple design with vintage Mary charm and a few faceted agate beads

and this garden bracelet  I actually made a year ago but has not decided for sure to let go ......;)

and a necklace with pendant in one of my favorite black clays / feather
+ earrings with tiny birds

Thank You for stopping by
and I do love comments .......


9 kommentarer:

  1. Birgitta, these are all beautiful! I love the earthy/ancient feeling in each.

    Best of luck at the show, though I'm sure these will sell in a heartbeat.

  2. What beautiful creations, as usual! I hope that you enjoy the show this weekend!

  3. So very lovely, and mysterious, and intriguing! I dearly love that feather and the bracelet!
    Enjoy the day. Erin

  4. They are all so beautiful, especially the first one, dark and rustic.

  5. Helt underbara smycken ! De gamla glaspärlorna gör det där lilla extra. Jag har börjat måla på akrylglas (typ plexi) som du sett på fb och det är himla kul !
    Ha en fortsatt skön helg/ Eva

  6. All so gorgeous Birgitta! I looove the fist one, so dark and sultry, the old glass is beautiful with your pendant!
    The earrings too are awesome, each piece is gorgeous! Best of luck at your show!

  7. Black clay is so beautiful, and your photo gives the feeling of that nice surface. A clever idea to match birds and a feather in a set.

  8. You have such a lovely touch MiLady! Such beauty! I hope to come and see you when we go and visit Scotland!!! ox