onsdag 25 april 2012

Eco Creative Club April Designs

 This is a blog hop so do not forget to look at the other designs for this month!

  This is the second time I am in this monthly design team for  Echo Creative Club hosted by  Jeannie Dukic  and received one of her polymer clay  lovely Gin Blossoms pendants

I was thinking of something more feminine and not so ethnic this time
but I suppose what was waiting to be done was this.......
more feminine than last one but very tribal  for sure :)

I felt the need of something dangling  on the pendant  (Ginger blossom in mint-chocolate)    and decided to solder  a rustic bail from copper to glue on instead of drilling some more holes....turned out very nice and black in color with copper shiftings..

The closure is one very new shank  button matching the focal well with the floral style just out of the kiln 
 (made a bunch and I like them very much all diff patterns.)

and added many different lovely Czech glass beads in their new anscient looking style
pearls for femininity and bunches of faceted shimmering mint Czech glass...

The tassel is made from the same silk in shifting browns with some sparkle from "wired on"  Czech glass beads

I am afraid the pictures are not so good this time as those colors are hard to capture even though I think the light was rather nice  to me

my daughter Sara  with the Black foot Princess around her  neck
(changed picture here)

Jeannie K Dukic                 http://site.jkdjewelry.com/blog
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You can find these flower pendants  and more from Jewelry by Jeannie!
Check out the Echo Creative Club Flickr page where we will upload our designs each month.

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14 kommentarer:

  1. This is just beautiful! I think your pictures capture the beauty of that necklace, especially the last one with you wearing your new art piece!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Those pearls match beautifully and the entire piece is so rich!

  3. Such a beautiful piece. And I love the name you chose for it. The use of the dark silk makes this such a rich looking piece, yet still a bit mysterious.

  4. Wow, this necklace is beautiful Birgitta! I love the rustic bail and button closure you created ... it all goes so well with Jeannie's pendant!

  5. This is such a cool necklace! I love the colors and materials you incorporated and the design itself is amazing! Your colors are rich and the textures sublime and they lend a rustic, somewhat organic look and feel to your necklace. I also love that you named it "Black Foot Princess" - love that!

  6. You know what? I love this and that is saying alot because I am not a fan of fiber in jewelry. I have to say it kind of scares me but you totally made it work and showcase that blossom. AND don't you look just lovely wearing it!

  7. Love the braided fiber! Love the tribal feel of this necklace! The beads, the button shank, the fiber tassel - love it!!

  8. Very nice Birgitta. I love that rustic copper bail. All of it comes together perfectly, the tassel, the braided silk (I too braided silk the other day ... what's going on?), the added beads, Jeannie's focal, your closure button, all of it. And it looks great on you!

  9. What a wonderful creation! I think you succeeded in making this a feminine tribal look! I love the tassel. And I am very intrigued by the clever bail! Such a beautiful piece.
    Enjoy the day.

  10. Very nice. I love the use of fiber in this piece.

  11. Though I loved your tribal piece, this is stunning. This has so much detail and texture and the love the name of it. PERFECT! The tassel adds an interesting touch. Thanks for modeling it for us, it really puts it in a whole new light. Thank you Birgitta for creating such beauty

  12. I am always in awe of your artwork,and this necklace is a perfect example of why. Your use of the silk and button closure perfectly compliment the beautiful focal, and the glass and pearls you added look amazing. I love it! :) Molly