fredag 6 april 2012

Happy Easter or is it Christmas again ?

have to say it   IS  a typical Swedish Easter over here now on Friday

some Easter Bunnies from the kiln

It use to be summer weather and really nice for barbecue and such
or like this
 almost snow storm

So this Saturday  morning when I woke up
 ( had to stop trying post on blogger Friday as it did not work ) 
it looks like Christmas outside

my garden Buddha got a big white hat during the night 

 those Pansies will have to wait a while before moving  to the urns outside
they better stay in the garden room for some more days

Picture below was taken when snow started
now the ground is covered with about 5 inches of white coat

It is a great thing we can not  do anything about the weather
just like it as it is...

have a great holiday 

2 kommentarer:

  1. eftersom det inte är några kommentarer får jag väl skriva något själv...ok bilderna är lite tråkiga men det var mörkt så det är svårt att få roliga bilder då..:)

  2. Pretty bunnies :) We also had snowy Easter here in Finland, and if I remember right it was raining at Christmas.