söndag 8 april 2012

One Crayon Color Challenge

I felt very lucky when I found this mail in my box this morning
...... going for black and have some beads waiting for this....

Welcome to the
One Crayon Color Challenge/Blog Hop
Creating art in a monochromatic color scheme!
Monochromatic colors
are all the colors (tints, tones, and shades) of a single hue.
Monochromatic color schemes are derived from a single base hue, and extended using its shades, tones and tints.
As a result, the energy is more subtle and peaceful due to a lack of contrast of hue.

Thank you for jumping in and signing up to challenge your creativity by creating art, whether it be jewelry, collages, art beads, mixed media or another medium with different hues of one crayon color! 
Here's the details of the Hop:
1.  There are 67 participants!
2.  Your name is listed below in one of the eight groups, you will create in
     hues/shades of this color
3.  You will be creating a monochromatic design
4.  Blog Hop is Saturday, May 5th, 2012
5.  If you have any questions please email me at sallyrussick@gmail.com
6.  For original blog post CLICK HERE
7.  Have FUN!!!

Hosted by:


Bobbie Rafferty   http://beadsong.blogspot.com


Rebekah Payne   http://treewingsstudio.com



Rebecca Anderson  http://songbeads.blogspot.com
Alicia Marinache  http://allprettythings.ca
Charissa Sloper   http://blog.obsidiansoda.com
Sandi Volpe   http://sandivolpe.com


Melissa Meman  http://melissameman.com
Jenny Davies Reazor   http://www.jdaviesreazor.com
Elizabeth Auld  http://beadsforbusygals.com


Jennifer Judd Velasquez http://jenjuddrocks.blogspot.com


Diana Ptaszynski   http://suburbangirlstudio.com


Birgitta Lejonklou  http://lejonklou.blogspot.com/

 I'm so excited about the possiblities of this hop and can't wait to see what everyone creates! 
Sally Russick

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