tisdag 16 juli 2013

I am not alone

.........many of my friends are
                   bead -hoarders  :-)

(who does not love pearls)

closing up on the reveal date for the  bead hoarders blog hop  on SATURDAY    June  20 

Lori our host is not well at the moment so send her some healing thoughts !!
Maybe the date will be changed but I have not heard anything about that yet!!

(or stones)

I have not made much yet as overwhelmed by the garden and house (needs painting here and there) ....
But I think I will pick some favos from the stash to work with :-)

(who does not need bone)
Still some listings to do on Etsy and cleaning of the working space before  making the jewelry ...

( I think I lost a bit control over my stash when starting making those ceramic beads)  piling up !!

(Guess I need some cord to pull it all together ;-o)

Also there will be a sale when the blog hop is ON so keep an eye in my shops 

much love

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  1. last message I heard, the hop was still on. great photo of the pearls!