onsdag 29 maj 2013

Art Jewelry Elements May Challenge and blog hop

I was one of the lucky winners of a bead from Susan Kennedy  in the Art Jewelry Elements May challenge
and I got this pretty little disc bead to work with :-)  Thank You SUSAN !!

I decided  to make a pair of earrings ...
and as I just got my hands on some nice crystal points I wanted to add them of course 

First try was with metal wire but I changed that idea and wanted to use soft cord instead as a contrast to the sharp points..
Waxed linen  and some Czech glass and tribal handmade beads were added...and more lampwork beads made by my friend Cece Cormier  (Thank You again!)

Now I have to decide if to use them myself or list them in my Etsy store ......

Thank You for stopping by and have fun looking at what the other winners made of their beads 
Much Love  Birgitta

hop here :

Guest Bloggers

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Birgitta Lejonklou   http://lejonklou.blogspot.com/
Heidi Post   http://www.expostfactojewelry.blogspot.com/
Lola Surwillo   http://beadlolabead.blogspot.com/
Kay Thomerson   http://kayzkreationz.blogspot.com/

AJE Team

Jennifer Cameron  http://glassaddictions.com/
Jenny Davies-Reazor   http://www.jdaviesreazor.com/blog
Susan Kennedy   http://www.suebeads.blogspot.com/
Linda Landig   http://www.lindasbeadblog.com/
Melissa Meman    http://melissameman.blogspot.com/
Rebekah Payne   http://www.treewingsstudio.com/
Kristen Stevens    http://kristen-beadjourney.blogspot.com/
Jo Tinley     http://daisychaindesignsjewellery.blogspot.com/
Francesa Watson    http://francescawatson.com/
Lesley Watt    http://thegossipinggoddess.blogspot.com/

22 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Birgitta, is this ♥beautiful♥, those earrings, as always... What a great design and use of colours! xo!

  2. Love these Birfitta - the earthy but saturated tones are just perfect.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous color and perfectly asymmetric symmetry!

  4. Oh wow, I love what you did!!! Beautiful mismatched earrings, well balanced and beautiful!!

  5. Love the assymetrical earrings! I haven't had the guts to try that yet, but you've done a wonderful job. Good call on the cord - I agree the softness makes them all the better.

  6. These are very pretty. Love the color of the disc and the other beads you chose to go with it. I thought about earrings but as there was only one disc didn't follow through. You really thought outside the box.

  7. These are such happy and colorful earrings! Even though two completely different focals were used on each, your incredible design makes them somehow appear symmetrical! Love them!

  8. Very fun! I love mismatched and these work great! Beautiful!

  9. I love these, such great colours! The cord was definitely a good choice.

  10. Very clever! I love the "mismatched" design, well balanced, fun, very appealing. I would totally wear these even though I'm not usually into wearing large earrings. But I love these! Thanks for participating in the design challenge!

  11. love these! using the waxed linen added to look, too. great design.

  12. Love the color palette (of course! ;-)! These have such a fun earthy/tribal look. Very nice!!

  13. Beautiful beads! Where did you get them? These would go so perfectly with this Pandora silver bracelet I just got as a gift.

  14. Gotta love the mismatched gorgeousness of these!!! What awesome colors and texture!!

  15. I love this earrings. They are so creative and fun. I'd have a hard time listing them too, if I were you!

  16. I love your mismatched earrings! They are gorgeous! Thanks so much for playing along!

  17. Oh I love them! I like the length and the asymmetry and the crystals are lovely!

  18. wow, this is like artistic design work , very creative

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  20. Hola querida,

    Que bonito....