lördag 11 december 2010

The Messy Beaders' Club ( who would not belong there??)

Almost everyday my intention is to clean out the space and some days i do but then when I start to create i get a lot of stuff out of my drawers and closets and even put some boxes on the floor  eeeewwwww
The words from A. Einstein on top of  the page  *The messy Beaders* club is a bit comforting though....read it HERE
and even if i do have veeeeeeeeeery much  (I started out buying wholesale as I helped some friends start a bead shop in town 2005) I  can still find almost anything in this lot...
I do sell beads but at the moment I do not put any energy into that and my bead shop at Etsy is empty
but Im planning to do something about that next Year as i also started to make my own parts more and more
I will also sell some of my handmade creations for jewelry

at the moment I can move the mouse for the computer   :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. LOL i just wrote something on another blog that totally reflected this..i tidy my area..then pull stuff out do a project and it all is a rubble once more..
    think better containers and labeling everything might help..etsy featured a jeweler this week, a photo of her working, showed all items in labeled containers and stored above her work desk, good idea..i also want a rolling open shelved cart for those boxes that get set onto the floor..

  2. I think I could not have that all labeled...hm...but i will reorganize in some way and sell of some as i use so many handmade parts now ..and my own selection of ceramic beads will be huge :) if I continue to test all I want to .....and I guess i will...I love it HURRAY for the clay!
    -also i am planning jewelry classes in my studio / have been asked for it but did not do it much so far.........