torsdag 16 december 2010

The HEART for today

My dear cat Anton is a very loving spirit as long as I do not  use the brush to much on him.....
He has the longest and most hard to keep up fer I ever saw in a cat and I did have a bunch  (Persian)
When I work in the studio he likes to be in my lap - not a good idea as he is getting very big - soon 9 months old..
my chair is really whining out loud  when he tries to jump up and sit behind my head on top of the chair.....

well the HEART  is physical  also!!

he has a NOSE  with that shape I did not see before so clearly :)

3 kommentarer:

  1. how cute his nose is heart shaped..
    beautiful guy

  2. What a beauty! I love the heart nose!! I have two studio cats. They feel the need to be right there with me at all times. There is cat hair everywhere, but at least it's short cat hair. They are Siamese. Your Persian boy must be like a dust mop...except leaving hair behind instead of picking it up :)

  3. Yupp he is so cute
    actually I got some tears in my eyes when my daughter came with him to me from the breeder
    (I can not travel so far with my back) sweet ;)he was...
    and he does not leave that much hair ..but some ofcourse..... it does not fly around like dog-hair.. I had dogs also but not at the moment..
    A bit of mops they are indeed . The older one I have -11 y - she goes outside in the summer and bring a lot of "sticks and stones" from the garden with her inside ...