fredag 9 maj 2014

BSBP 8 reveal day is here !

The  B I G  day is here ....  again !
BSBP reveal  nr  8  
A  day marked in the calender for so many jewelry designers all around the globe
This time about 500 !!!  lovely creative artistic and skilled women (why no men ??) from 30 countries..

The hostess of this great  PARTY  is the one and only  dedicated and  talented designer
Lori Anderson  who with the help from her team make this all happen !
and Thank You Lori   ......we all love You and want You to feel better  soon  !

So... here is  the beautiful and very generous  SOUP  i got from my talented sweet partner  Doris Stumpf . Lots of handmade lampwork beads and other goddies
 (I do admit there is plenty of beauties left for future designs :-) )
Do not forget to have a look at her blog to see what she made of the soup I sent to her!
just click on her name ! 

*Wheel of Change Talisman necklace *

So first to go is a necklace with the gorgeous glass ring bead. It did take me some time to make it mine I cut to pieces one necklace before this one started to grow....
I made a tassel from recycled silk ribbon..added more lampwork from my partner, wood, silver beads from the soup...some Czech glass  metal old coin  charms and a lovely green ribbon made by my talented friend Cece...

And a couple of matching earrings with sterling hoops made by me, dyed stone,  wood, silk,  Czech glass and  metal hearts from the soup

*Love is all* earrings

*Turtle love*
 a slow living balancing  healing bracelet 
with heart  and other lovely green and violet lampwork beads by Doris +Hamsa charm and Turtle charm. Stones are fantastic raw Phrenite  rondelle beads...on stretch cord..

*Geisha Love* 
 (enhance Your feminine playful  side)
This pretty little lady need a rather simple design to show her beauty. So I made a choker style  necklace with heavy leather cord, silver beads, waxed linen and a chain in the neck to be adjustable ...+ a little angel wing   (geisha has wings too :-) )

*Peace and Love*  earrings
Clasps is kind of a problem in my designs if in the soups they end up in earrings all the time... Here a little pretty bird toggle clasp  mixed with Doris lampwork, my ceramic heart charm, red porcelain bead from sweet Rey at Greybird studio, handmade cupper beads with silver surface and a peace sign connector..


*Memories from Atlantis* 
Suppose my muse needed something more wild  as this had to be created...with silk ribbons from my soup, ceramic pendant, shell charm and button by myself ..some real shell parts, metal charms  and lots of natural waxed  linen ....

and finally a bunch of earrings :

   Here with violet lampwork beads and silver leaves from the soup + lampwork wheels from my drawers...sterling silver leverbacks

In this pair You find wheel beads from the soup made by Doris and polymer charms by Happy Fish things + mixed beads Czech bone wood ..on silver wires knotted on linen

And finally  those earrings with my tribal ceramic spikes .. wheel beads by Doris, black linen, bone and  Czech glass.. 

And A GIVE AWAY  of course   :-)

Those of You who visited my BSBP  reveals before know I use to have a give-away of some kind. This Year it is this little soup with hand dyed silk ribbon, pearls, crystal, Agate and one of my face pendants. This is a chance to get one of those popular faces as I decided not to sell more of those but to use them in my own jewelry !
Only thing You have to do is leave a comment and tell You are in on this !
This sure is a big party so I will wait one month to draw a random winner !!

Also during weekend and next week there is a SALE at my Etsy shops (You find links to them to the right on the blog!)

Time to hop ! 

here a list of countries represented :
Where are the nearly 500 participants from?

over 135 International Participants from 30 Countries/Territories

o   Australia = 6
o   Austria = 3
o   Bahrain = 1
o   Bulgaria = 1
o   Canada = 33
o   Finland = 4
o   France = 3
o   Germany = 17
o   Hungary = 3
o   India = 1
o   Indonesia = 4
o   Ireland = 1
o   Italy = 3
o   Japan = 1
o   Luxembourg = 1
o   Malaysia = 1
o   New Zealand = 4
o   Philippines = 1
o   Poland = 3
o   Portugal = 1
o   Puerto Rico = 1
o   Romania = 1
o   Serbia = 1
o   Singapore = 2
o   Slovenia = 3
o   Spain = 1
o   Sweden = 3
o   Switzerland = 4
o   The Netherlands = 2
o   United Kingdom = 31

over 340 Participants from 48 States 
in the United States 

Thank You ...ever so much for taking Your time to visit me in this huge event ! 

much love 

 Click on the picture below (the soup I sent) to find Lori´s post with  all participants in this PARTY

I also have the list in my next post below !!

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  1. Wow!! You did so much! I love it all :) <3
    And I'd love to be part of the giveaway, too!

  2. Beautiful pieces, Turtle Love is incredible

  3. Such a beautiful soup and the pieces you've crafted are truly stunning and creative. I love the earrings and the richness and detailing in the necklaces and bracelets is incredible.

  4. Birgitta, I love your jewelry so much! The wild thing is something I must pin and study and admire further, so beautiful, rough but not cruel... Wheel of Talisman inspires me to make something with sari silk, and the earrrings are fun (especially the clasp-thing, clever idea)!

  5. It's all gorgeous, but the first necklace in particular is really lovely - so original and dramatic!

    I'd love to be included in the giveaway, please!

  6. What a great soup. Love the tassel piece, and the earrings with your handmade spikes. Sorry to hear you won't be selling your faces anymore. Guess I'm gonna need that one. ;)

  7. Wow, you did a great job with your soup! That tassel necklace - beautiful, Brigitta! :0)

  8. Wheel of change is so awesome, all the pieces are very inspiring!

    1. And of course I'm on the giveaway - just had to come again and admire your work some more :-D

  9. Dear Birgitta, you did it again, making ' real Birgitta's' whatever there is on your beadingtable! Chapeau!!!

  10. So many beautiful pieces! I couldn't choose a favorite, I love them all! And I'd love to enter your giveaway.

  11. Oh my you were busy! Great designs! Love how you used the fabric. Love and peace back at you!

  12. Dear Partner! You did a great job! Everything is made with love and I think there is a great harmony in the colors and mixture of different materials. My favorite is first necklace, love the green silk toggle!! Hugs Doris

  13. I have to say that this is about the most creative use I've seen for the components. They are just incredible - love, love, love them. How you make the tassel in the first piece was wonderful - great job and I'll be back to visit again.

  14. I knew I was going to get a thrill when I clicked over here to your post and I was not disappointed! What a gorgeous tassel pendant you created from your soup, I love the earthy olive green. My favorite piece is the Memories of Atlantis....
    so natural and wild! I would love to see it at the beach!
    Wonderful work with a delicious bead soup!

  15. So prolific! I loved your designs, and how you pulled seemingly different elements into one design. Really beautiful!

  16. that first necklace, the tassel pendant is big, it's bold, it's beautiful and I love it! the Geisha Love appeals to me also though it's totally different. And the earrings, can't decide on a favorite. Oh and yes, it would be wonderful to be in the giveaway!

  17. Gorgeous! I love all your designs but that first necklace is really fabulous and earrings, earrings, earrings! Oh and of course, I'd love to be in the giveaway...your face pendants are exquisite!

  18. I'm in love with the green beads in the soup. And the geisha is so cute! Of course I'm in for the giveaway. Can't resist. :)

  19. You're designs are over the top gorgeous Birgitta! I just adore your design concepts and color choices! Really super beautiful! Would love a chance at your giveaway!

  20. Wow look at you go! Just look at all of the wonderful pieces which you have designed! My favorites are the tassel necklace with the lampwork ring and the knotted shell necklace! Love your work! xo Genea

  21. Wow. That is amazing. I thought the first one was my favorite, but then I saw the next one. And the next. Really fantastic work. They're all gorgeous and completely wearable. I love them all.

  22. Oh my goodness! What lovely pieces you've made with your soup!!! Each and everyone is beautiful - LOVE them ALL - can't pick a favorite :) And how generous you are to host a giveaway of your lovely creations - count me in!

  23. Beautiful pieces you've made here :-) I like the little turtle charm he's so adorable! I would love to enter your giveaway - that soup looks divine!

  24. What a fantastic job you did putting all these soup elements to work - so many! I really love that last pair of earrings and the Atlantis necklace I must be in an earthtone mood today. Thank you for such a lovely giveaway too!

  25. So viele schöne Stücke! Grossartige Umsetzung!

  26. Such beautiful, fun, creative and inspiring pieces Birgitta. All marvelous designs. <3

  27. Such lovely work well done!

  28. Oh my gorgeous! Every time I came to a new picture, I would say that was my favorite, but they are ALL my fav, though I am a little partial to the turtle love bracelet! Excellent job! Thanks for joining and posting!

  29. All of your pieces are so creative and pretty. I like memories from Atlantis the best. And, I was wondering the same thing. Out of 500 participants, why no men?

  30. so many creations!I'm impressed! but little gesha choker has stolen my heart!

  31. Brigitta you have a wonderful style. Your Giesha love is so cute. I like the Wheels of Change Talisman necklace, Love is All earrings, and Turtle Love bracelet as well. Great job using your soup.

  32. Birgitta, I always admire the use of fiber in your work and so I do this time! The first necklace is my favorite, but I also love all the others. And the earrings - beautiful!!!
    I'd like to participate in your giveaway,

  33. Oh, my goodness, that tassel necklace is spectacular! It is such a wonderful combination of the various textures and materials. The final pair of earrings is another showstopper as well. I would love to be part of the giveaway - the goodies in it are delicious!

  34. Oh my where to begin, it just kept getting better and better. Gorgeous every one, I love the earrings especially the first ones, no the second, third, fourth oh definetly the fifth outstanding. the tassle necklace is absolutely beautiful. And i would so love to get your giveaway, it is so beautiful.

  35. Your mix of elements are remarkable! Every one of your pieces are so creative and astounding :)

  36. Amazing! All the designs are outstanding. I can't make a decision whats my favourtite. I'm really impressed.

  37. I love all your designs - very creative and unique. It's hard to pick a favourite - I love them all, but those asymmetric earrings are adorable (not everybody can pull off an asymmetric design, especially in earrings!).

    BTW - there are at least 2 men I know of in this reveal :)

    1. Oh I did not know that have to find them then !! thanks!

  38. Wow, you did a really wonderful job with all of your soup. Your pieces all have so much texture and appeal.
    I'd love to be entered in the giveaway also.

  39. I love your work! My favs are the *Wheel of Change Talisman necklace * and the Atlantis necklace! Both are very earthy and have a primitive feel about them which I love!

  40. Your pieces give out a 'free spirited vibe'. Do count me in for the giveaway.
    PS - there is one guy who is in the blog hop, His name is Chris; he is participating along with his wife

  41. I love your 1st design. Your design using fabric is so unique =)
    And let me in for your giveaway please...

  42. I love the little girl - how adorable!! Well done! A beautiful soup with which to play, too!

    Linda A.

  43. I'm in on the giveaway, too =)

  44. Beautiful and stunning pieces. I love your style!

  45. I love how you used that wonderful lampwork wheel. The tassel is fantastic. Great work!

  46. So much beauty, Birgitta! Your style is so varied, it is a pleasure to admire all your pieces :) And a giveaway also? Yes, please!

  47. You rearrings are all absolutely wonderful, especially the first pair and the mismatched, they are super! The first green necklace is so cool, a strong fiber presence and an interesting focal with lampwork donut and rustic tassel, so cool! Also the other necklace with its tribel feeling is stunning.

  48. Wow! What a wonderful collection of fabulous designs. I think the peace & love earrings are my favorite but they are all gorgeous.

  49. Fabulous soup to play with; especially loving the Atlantis necklace. Very evocative.

  50. You made such great use of your soup. So many gorgeous pieces! My favorite is the tassel necklace but closely followed by all your other designs. And oh my, if I only could win the give-away......Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  51. Beautiful designs! The long tassel necklace is my favorite!

  52. All of your designs are beautiful! But I especially like that tassel necklace. It's stunning.

  53. I love every single piece! Necklaces, earrings and bracelets! Such a great soup and great creating job!

  54. An absolutely inspirational collection! I had to go back to each picture several times to make sure I didn't miss any detail or any inventive use of fiber or thread or wire. Stunning! I couldn't find the post about the giveaway winner and if it is still running, I am definitely in!

  55. Beautiful pieces! I love the meanings/names of them all .. a lot of thought was put into each one, you can tell!

  56. Everything is wonderful! I'm a little sad it took me this long to get here, I would have loved to have been in the running for your giveaway. Wonderful soup!!