lördag 9 juni 2012

Alice in Wonderland challenge and blog hop

A Curious Design Challenge & Blog Hop

Thank You Staci for the chance of this event :) 

and Genea  ( who is having a gorgeous give-away!! )


To celebrate this I have a 40% sale in my supply shop  with code Alice


it is time to show You what came out of all my thinking about this challenge...

cause i have been thinking

and thinking

and trying

and crying  (well that is a rhyme  but it is not true)

waiting for a whim whilst whining for something whimsical

and so my ceramic trays and rabbits  just whirled  away while i whimpering tried  to 

come up with new ideas

The roses from Rebekah (Tree wing studio) I was going to use but my idea was to make a necklace with a tray and picture in ... a bit black/white vintage style like those original drawings I do love ..but I tried that idea in ceramic and polymer and did not like the result 

..so I had to rethink and came up with this bracelet ...roses ..very much from Alice in wonderland and colors red, blue and black..here more rustic browns and old looking copper from the chain I made myself with a  heart at the end...vintage feel ..and some feminine pearls in girly blue..

there are some Czech vintage style striped spacers and those two very old lentil copper beads (really vintage)  and my handmade ceramic  charm in diamonds shape ...

It actually looks good  on  and feels good to.....  lightweight and easy to wear

And as i longed for something girlish and more playful i came up with those earrings with handmade flower lampwork beads, blue lampwork with sterling silver inside, red polymer bicones and a few czech spacers...
Earwires handmade by me 

Thank You for visiting  and I do love comments :)


 time for the hop

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20 kommentarer:

  1. What fun. I didn't get to participate this time due to time constraints but I had thought of "painting the roses red" also. You did a great job. I love the roses from Rebekah and I am particularly fond of the rustic chain that you used.

  2. Stunning work! Love them all. Thank you for sharing.

  3. What a great bracelet! I love all the elements you put together, especially the chain you made. The earrings are darling too!

  4. I love the colours, very "Alice". This was such a fun challenge, I had such a good time with the beads. Your pieces turned out lovely!

  5. I love the design and colours, they are very Alice!
    love the flowers and the chain you made!
    I really enjoyed to partecipate, ciao dall'Italia!

  6. Holy cow! It's awesome! I love everything about it. So rustic and wonderful.

  7. The bracelet is perfect! The chain is gorgeous. So nice!
    I love that your blog post sounded very Alice-y...

  8. Oh your bracelet is gorgeous! I have long been lusting after Rebekah's flowers (Rebecca Anderson recently used the teal ones in something). The heart and the diamond. It's just perfect!!! The earrings are very sweet as well. What a fun hop :)

  9. I just love your little rhyme! He he. What a fun addition to your post! I love your bracelet with it's very vintage feel of the red roses and antiqued chain! I love that you posted pictures of Disney's AIW to go along with your pieces. What pretty earrings as well! What a perfect set!

    What a wonderful post and designs! Thanks so much for joining us!

    xo Genea

  10. I love the bold design. Your handmade chain and clasp make me think of thorny rose stems!

  11. Inspired by Alice or not, that bracelet is really beautiful! I love the addition of the blue pearls and the diamond to add a little extra Alice to the red roses. Fabulous design!

  12. Love the big, big blooms for this bracelet! Such a bold look, while maintaining a feminine charm. Beautiful!


  13. The bracelet is beautiful Birgitta—I knew that whatever you made would be!! :-) You make my roses look so good! I really love the rustic chain you made. And I just love how you brought together all the different Alice elements into one design. Your earrings are very cute too! Great job with them both!

  14. Beautiful! I especially love the earrings!

  15. I love the bracelet. Your earrings are cute and fun, but the bracelet could be read so many ways. Dark and menacing, old-world & stunning, fun & eclectic...WOW!

  16. I love the bracelet, especially the rustic chain! All of the components together are just wonderful. Well done! Diane V.

  17. Really loved your interpretation of the challenge- the chain with the roses and bright blue crystals- beautiful!

  18. I really love your bracelet. I think that when I am creating, I can often think that something has to be a necklace to make a statement, but that is just not true. Your bracelet is beautiful and I love the roses and that cool earthy chain! Thanks for participating!