lördag 13 augusti 2011

The spirit of IMPERFECTION

I think it all started at the Art summer schools  I attended during my high school years. I was lucky that my town Jönköping had the teachers from Swedish Art School in Stockholm coming down for 5 weeks during summer to teach art in my High School building..and also I was happy to be accepted as their student !

The man in charge of drawing and painting classes talked a lot about how to build pictures and such and he said that " the perfect is un-interesting"   If You see something perfect with the eyes the brain sort of "turnes of" or something like that  ....at least the way I understood his words...and I think for me this is very true......
Why make a painting that looks like a photo??

Also if I look around me in the world it is full of  US  the perfect spirits created  by GOD   but still not so perfect in our striving to  fulfill our purpose on this planet

and therefore  I like when my ceramic show up imperfection and has a touch of vulnerability ...........they do not look like this because i can not make them different but because I like them this way.......

I had in mind to make this post for some weeks now and was going to have a picture of a beautiful necklace I made from a pendant with edges like those cuff-focals picked out by a lady  in my studio (with hundreds to choose from).......... actually she choose the one with the biggest imperfection AND that made me think about creating this post.......but...
She came to pick it up earlier than expected so I have no picture ;

But here is another necklace I made with one of those not perfect pendants

8 kommentarer:

  1. Your pendants are so beautiful! I like that you make them with imperfections---which does make them so interesting to look at.

  2. Wow! I love your pendants! And I think thevimperfections do make them more interesting and loveable.

  3. Thank you Birgitta for this wonderful post: I love "the perfect is un-interesting". Being a perfectionist leftbrainer this gives me food for thought.

  4. I agree Birgitta! I have experienced similar teachings in my learning. What is fantastic is that we're all different, fallible, human and no two hands can make the exact same thing. There is a wonderful documentary called Art City that I recommend you watch if you get a chance.

  5. Oh I agree on the documentary 'Art City', it's wonderful. I think there is so much beauty in imperfection. Sometimes it's knowing when to stop with a piece, when to leave that perceived flaw, that defines art. I completely agree that the perfect is uninteresting.

  6. The imperfections are the signs of the artist's hand. I think it adds charm and character to each piece. Your bird pendant is wonderful!!!