onsdag 14 september 2011

Romantic girl with a hammer

Actually I am very romantic in some ways
My favorite film or TV show ever is Pride and Prejudice   with Colin Firth and all...I just love everything Jane Austen
And I spent lots and lots of time when growing up drawing  pretty princesses with gorgeous dresses  :)

a romantic ring I just made 

On the other hand the rest of the time I spent doing lots of practical jokes and building tree-houses and using my fathers tools in the seller working space....
never played with dolls much..
When i left home and moved out into the world( to study) at 19 I brought with me lots of nice tools from my fathers stash.....some without permission ...hrmmmmmpf
He did not get mad at me..but gave me some more stuff including a nice electricdrill  to make holes even in the strongest walls....

 a necklace for a princess?

At the moment I am indulging myself in romantic stuff like laces, vintage buttons and pretty fabric to make some new lovely jewelry  (hopefully)
Just have a look at those incredible hand crocheted laces made by the grandmother of a friend   ...what a lot of work!!! are they not lovely!! (really vintage)

And some more in my closet ...

And how about that hammer ??  guess it is resting at the moment until next time I need it for some earrings or clasp making .........

( and I admit I like to watch "Dye hard" tooo sometimes)  :~)

4 kommentarer:

  1. A girl's gotta have her tools, right? How wonderful that your father gave you so many of his tools. He must be a proud papa.

  2. I love P&P with Colin Firth also! Greetings from a fellow Bead Soup participant.

  3. I really feel the old Romantic vibe in these works. Very gorgeous and stunning.