onsdag 28 september 2011

BTW on the bead table today ( well some of it)

I am just finishing up this necklace I have been working on for some days
my handmade leaf pendant with imperfection  *smile*
a hand soldered chain ( It is fun to solder..... yea )   with long links and a big swirly clasp 
A couple of gorgeous lampwork beads (nugget)   JUMM   from  bluhealer  on Etsy
 I am afraid the light is not so good to show their beauty......dark outside today...YUUKK

and it was sooo dark on my bead-table that I moved   the necklace and the cuff focal Im going to use for a matching bracelet...to a place with more light...flash is not so good to show those colors..

 Here I have a picture from Bluehealer showing the pretty beads Im using

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  1. Hi B,
    Thanks for sharing the beads link. Their beads are beautiful! N.