måndag 25 mars 2013

BSBP teaser reveal-day sneaking up from behind :-)

It is time to finish up the pieces for the BIG reveal day on Saturday .............

I do have finished 3  pieces of jewelry  (or 4) hiding in this picture !!
but I have 2 or 3 more to go...

Today I was a good girl and cleaned 4 windows of my big house (better not overdo it so I can continue during the week )
And some other spring cleanup in the house..
Time to bring in some Easter too ...so I did buy a bunch of pots with daffodils in different sizes 
So tomorrow will be a day at the BEAD-TABLE

 By the way now when I see my flower in the kitchen window ...do not know the english name for it (or latin)  but I get flowers on those often and no one else I spoke to did ??? anyone ??..

here is a closer look at the flower 

We do have snow on the ground still but the sun is really beginning to glow in a warm nice way so the HOPE of a new summer is growing in our hearts up here in the north....

I had a lovely walk outside listening to birds and feeling the sun in my face in the afternoon....

I wish You all a nice week with lots of SUN and
welcome back on SATURDAY   for the big first reveal and blog hop for the 

 much love
touching base from the south of SWEDEN


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  1. just 2 more days Birgitta... I can't wait to see what you created, my dear beadsoup blog partner :-)