fredag 29 mars 2013

7th Bead Soup Blog Party REVEAL 1

now it is time again  for this  h u g e  event with participating jewelry artists from all over the world just in the beginning of spring (over here)


I have not shown myself on the Pinterest and other forums due to health issues and most of all LOTS !  of internet problems ( like right now it took me 1,5 hour just to get 7 pictures into this post )

A BIG thank You and many warm HUGS to
LORI ANDERSON   and team  ( You did it again !) the amazingly dedicated host of this multiple blog hop that starts today and with the third and last hop reveal  April?
As Lori is not well the second and third reveal are moved forward !!  This flower is for Lori and hope she will feel better soon and get some sleep !

And to my very talented and warm-hearted partner
DINI BRUISMA  from Holland. She makes stunning   lampwork beads for sure ! On her blog You can see what she made of the soup she got from me  :-)

a picture of the gorgeous mix she sent  :

Starting off with the BLUE my first jewelry piece showed is a Talisman and healing necklace with that amazing  Kyanite focal I got from Dini. Kyanite is one of the most powerful healing-stone and it does not take on any negative energies ever... they say...
As usual I started out with a complete different idea how to use it with macrame and linen but this is was had to be done ...
(I do not argue much with the muse and angels )

The pendant is based on a copper "ring" with  inscription made by fellow Etsy  artist  and arceologist  Tiina
 In the dangle You find that  gorgeous  Kyanite stone, vintage horse head  (gift from a dear friend in US), vintage bell charm (from a friend in Australia), vintage Religious medal, african metal beads, bone different styles, pearl, rhinestone spacer ball and ethnic glass beads.
As usual not only this blog hop is worldwide but the ingredients in my jewelry comes from all over  !

After finishing what I had planned  to do I sat down playing around with what is left of the soup..... and those earrings created themselves  with connectors in silver color from Dini´s mix , rhinestone spacers, sea sed. Jasper , wood, ethnic beads and Lapis Lazuli . Ear wires in sterling by myself.

And now over to the REDS
First thing I made when I got the beads from Dini was those earrings as I fell so much in love with her lovely lampwork beads and this triangular shape jummjumm
Added some ethnic beads, coral, Czech glass and my handmade ceramic daggers  

Next is a matching pendant and leather necklace with one more of those lovely triangular lampwork beads, my ceramic old looking medal, coral and in the ends some bone and more coral. This is adjustable with a sliding bead in ancient look Czech glass...(leather is hand cut and dyed in the US)

....and a bracelet !
Dinis lovely lampwork is the focal and I added some of her lovely stones (agate, coral, rock crystal), my ceramic flower button, lots of handmade ethnic style glass beads, sea themed charms and a matte silver finish lobster to close behind the button   

with (almost) matching earrings. I did get a bit obsessed with that triangular shape so I made some triangular beads and charms in clay. Here a pair of red ones with fragments of a butterfly, faceted Pyrite beads from Dini and some ethnic style glass beads

Finally  .....what became of the clasp this time.....
A Yoga inspired leather bracelet with my ceramic bead, Czech glass beads large hole, braided, natural and blue leather with a Buddha dangle ....

I do have some nice beads and stuff left from the soup so one more bracelet and some earrings are on the way...  :-)

This is on my bead table ....fantastic Agate beads from the soup and my focal...not sure yet how it will turn out..

  During this first BSBP week  I have a 20% sale in my  Etsy shops. Go there to get the CODES  !!

Also I have a Give-Away of those ceramic art beads
one bracelet focal and one pendant in ancient green :

only thing You have to do is to write a comment to be in...
I will announce the winner after the party is "over"  in April


Thank You very much for taking Your time to visit !!

  Below is the complete list of today´s  participants  !!
I wish You an inspiring tour around the world of beaders

much love


Our host: Lori Anderson

Alicia Marinache
Amber Dawn Goldish
Barb Solem
Bev Breisinger
Birgitta Lejonklou
Breana Fry
Brenda Sue Lansdowne
Bridget Torres
Carol Dee Myers
Carolyn Chenault
Cassi Paslick
Cece Cormier
Cheryl McCloud
Cindy Wilson
Crystal Thain
Cynthia Riggs
Dana Hickey
Dana James
Darlene Fortier
Deana Hager
Deanna Cox
Deb Brooks
Debra Behrends
Denielle Hagerman
Denise McCabe
Diana Frey
Diana Welte
Dini Bruinsma
DiYana Alcalde
Dolores Raml
Donna Millard
Dot Lewallwn
Duane Clark
Dyanne Cantrell
Eleanor Burian-Mohr
Elisabeth Auld
Elizabeth Owens Dwy
Emily Greer
Enikö Fabian
Erin Grant
Eva Kovacs
Eva Sherman
Gina Hockett
Grace Rotenberg
Gretchen Nation
Hannah Rosner
Heather Davis
Heather Marston
Heather Powers
Ingrid McCue
Jacqueline Marchant
Jan Petek
Janeen Sorensen
Jane-Michael Stallings
Jasvanti Patel
Jayashree Paramesh
Jayne Capps
Jean Yates
Jennifer Cameron
Jennifer LaVite
Joan Williams
Jodie Marshall
Judy Riggs
Julie Anne Leggett
Kat Barron Miller
Kathy Lindemer
Kim Hora
Kim Houston
Kim Sparks
Krafty Max
Kris Lanae Binsfeld
Krista French
Kristen Stevens
Kristi Harrison
Kumi Fisher
Laren Dee Barton
Laura Bracken
Laura Demoya
Laurie Hanna
Laurie Keefe-Cecere
Lea Avroch
Leanne Loftus
Lee Anne Messerschmidt
Leslie Schenkel
Linda Anderson
Linda Djokic
Linda Murphy
Linda Sadler
Lisa Liddy
Lisa Suver
Liz DeLuca
Liz Engriser
Lola Surwillo
Loretta Carstensen
Lori Anderson
Lori Bergmann
Lori Bowring Michaud
Lori Poppe
Lori Schneider
Lyn Foley
Maddison Langford
Magdalena Sikora
Mallory Hoffman
Marcella Austenfeld
Marcy Lamberson
Maria Clark
Maria Rosa Sharrow
Marianna Boylan
Marie Covert
Marti Conrad

Mary Ellen Merrigan
Mary Harding
Molly Alexander
Nan Emmett
Niky Sayers
Pam Chesbro
Pam Farren
Pam Sandy
Pam Traub
Pamela Gangler
Patricia Buchanan
Patricia Johnson
Patty Miller
Paula Hisel
Peggy Gabrielson
Perri Jackson
Rachel Baron
Rachel Stanley
Rain Hannah
Rana Wilson
Renetha Stanziano
Robin Reed
Rochelle Brisson
Rose Rushbrooke

Ruth Szapa
Sally Russick
Sandi Volpe
Sandra Pendragon
Sandy Richardson
Sarah Small
Shannon Hicks
Shari Replogle
Sheila Daniels
Sheila Davis
Shiraz Biggie
Shirley Moore
Skylar Bre'z
Staci Smith
Stacie Florer
Stacy Pomerleau
Stephanie Weiss
Sumi Rani
Susan Sheehan
Suzette Bentley
Tamera Norris
Tracy Choy
Tracy Stillman
Valerie Norton
Vicki Holliday

AND a HUGE thank You for all lovely comments!!!

154 kommentarer:

  1. I love the pieces you made with your soup! Beautiful jewelry from a beautiful soup!
    Gina H

  2. Beautiful soup, you did a great job with the wonderful components from Dini. The second last bracelet with the starfish is my personal favourite :0)

  3. I came here for Bead Soup Reveal, but I'm going to stay for a pretty giveaway :)
    The only thing I thought about your first blue necklace was: oh my! That is incredible! Can I have it please? ;)

  4. Beautiful designs Birgitta! Your talisman design is stunning!

  5. Love all of the pieces that I saw today! Awesome work! So glad that I hopped over!

  6. Gorgeous pieces! The first necklace with all meaning behind it is really beautiful! Vackert!

  7. Lovely pieces. The kyanite talisman necklace is stunning. The blue tones have such a peaceful healing vibe to them, and they look so pretty of course!
    I'm glad that the BSBP has led me to your shop and blog :-)

  8. beautiful pieces!!
    my fav is the necklace with the hanging charms = love looking at all the elements

  9. Love Love Love what you made with my bead soup, amazing desings ♥♥♥

  10. Oh my Birgitta did you ever make some beauties with your bead soup. I love the way you worked with different color sets. Each piece is so original and beautiful. I love the wire work on your healing necklace and the colors and sizes of the beads you made it with as well as the special charms and talismans you put together to give it special meaning. Kudos!!

  11. What wonderfully gorgeous creations!! I just adore how you've created with the kyanite pendant stone!! Each piece is very special and resonates, and I'm so pleased to have found your Etsy shops, as well!!

  12. Very nice. LOVE the pops of color!

  13. Love the earrings and bracelets. Such creativity with all your ingredients

  14. Love this - Wow - you made so many wonderful pieces!

  15. Wonderful, I love the earrings and bracelets. beautiful, congrats!!

  16. Great jewelry! Congrats! I’m in the third reveal. Can’t wait.

  17. Wow you were busy! Great work. Your first necklace design is my favourite. I love the handmade glass triangle beads and the earrings you made too!

  18. Wow!!! I LOVE the necklace with the vintage religious medal. Very pretty work.

  19. I love the triangle earrings!

  20. WOW! I love love love all your creations but especially the charm loop you created!

  21. Love the red! Your ceramics are gorgeous too!

  22. Love the necklace. There is so much to look at and discover in it!

  23. Seriously STUNNING. May the creative force be with you :)

  24. What a wonderful soup, and you've made so many beautiful things. Stunning work! Thank you for doing the giveaway, too.

  25. The design in the first necklace is so captivating. It reminds me of when primitive cultures include modern items in their jewelry designs, it's a beautiful mix of ancient and modern. The hammered piece to showcase the dangles adds so much to the necklace. I love those asymmetrical earrings too - yeah for creative risks!

  26. Brigitta you did a marvelous job with your soup. I like all of your pieces. The red triangle earrings are my favorite even though I seldom pice red.

  27. Hej Birgitta! I think you did a wonderful job with the bead soup you got. I love all of your pieces: they have a modern and ethnic feel at the same time. The necklace with the kyanite stone is the most creative of all pieces. Have a nice day!

  28. I really like what you made with your bead soup!!

  29. I especially love the earrings with the blue drops! Great job!

  30. All so beautiful. Love your talisman necklace and yoga inspired bracelet. Wishing you healthy days ahead.

  31. I'm on the 3rd reveal, I'm visiting all blogs... I love all the pieces, especially red earrings and the design of 1st necklace,great work :)
    ciao dall'Italia

  32. I would wear all of these pieces, love your work!

  33. I am in love with them all -- particularly the first necklace (I would wear that a lot -- kyanite and healing, awesome!), and the triangular lampwork beads -- I have to see if she has some for sale!

    Truly, that first necklace speaks to me hugely.

    Thank you so much for participating again!

  34. Great group of pieces. I love all the earrings (maybe because that's pretty much all I've been wearing lately). You really made that first necklace special with all the beads, charms from all over the world.

  35. So many beautiful creations! But the leather necklace is really speaking to me!


  36. i love the blue necklace you created. its just spectacular

  37. WOW! You have really made the most of the bead soup! Love all of your creations, but my favorite is the 1st necklace. In my mind it exemplifies what the bead soup blog hop is all about.

    I would also love a chance to win one of your pendants. I absolutely love them! Great detail & artistry!

  38. Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.

  39. Very impressive multi-pendant in the first necklace!I like it!

  40. Wow, you were busy! I just love that necklace...anything with dark blue in it is calling me! Wonderful!!

  41. Such amazing designs, love the looks you've achieved, the first necklace and the earrings are my favs

  42. You definitely made the most out of your soup - just beautiful creations!

  43. These are all beautiful designs! Something about that second pair of earrings with the triangular glass beads, though -- I really LOVE those! ;)

  44. Beautiful designs - I really love the blue necklace.

  45. I love the way you used the first focal and drooling over the red necklace!

  46. Your earrings are absolutely to die for, love all your pieces.

  47. Hi Birgitta,

    I really had to come back once more my friend, to see again what you designed so beautifully :-)I really love the pendant with the Kyanite and the earring design! Be sure I come back another time to enjoy this great work!

  48. Beautiful work, all very impressive!!

  49. I love the inspirational stunning pieces you created ty for sharing with us all bye for now and happy beading

  50. Beautiful and unique. Love your work.

  51. Love what you did with your soup. All of these are great pieces.

  52. Love the necklace, the yoga bracelet is awesome and all the items are lovely


  53. Fabulous pieces love both lots of earring especially

  54. Beautiful Designs well done!

  55. Very inspiring pieces. Beautiful!

  56. The first piece stole my heart. Completely. They are all VERY lovely, of course !

  57. Oh my, the first one is to die for! And I love the yoga-bracelet!

  58. I love the red necklace especially, but all your work is just lovely!

  59. Wow - they are ALL beautiful pieces!

  60. Amazing and gorgeous. I love your blue set. Def one of my fav designers this time around.

  61. I love the first piece. That kyanite is beautiful!

  62. Dear Birgitta, you are such a spiritual soul as well as a wonderful designer. I love how each piece has special meaning. It is so lovely to see what you created.
    xox jean

  63. Such a variety in the finished pieces! Love them all! And what gorgoeus beads for your giveaway too!

  64. ~*Wonderful design work!*~ :) I love the earrings!

  65. Beautiful and they do have a spiritual "feel" to the finished pieces. I love your little faces. They seem ancient.

  66. So soothing to the eyes. Beautiful.

  67. Your designs came out so beautifully! I love that blue necklace. The focal is divine. ♥

  68. As usual, your work is outstanding! I love the talisman necklace. It's fantastic!

  69. Wow! So many pieces! I love the red! Your earrings are fabulous! Great job!

  70. 7 pieces from one soup. Is that a record? Each and every piece has a special feel to it. Most excellent use of the Soup!

  71. What BEAUTIFUL pieces you've created with your soup! You've really been busy working with all of your ingredients.

  72. Your soooo talented Birgitta! I love what youve made...all of it!!! oxx

  73. Beautiful work! I fell in love with the red earrings!

  74. WOW!! They are all beautiful, but the blue mixed necklace is simply amazing!!! I just love it!1 ~Km

  75. Every design is SO beautiful. So many skills used, and you make it look so easy! I want every creation here!

  76. Fabulous pieces. I love your choice of colors! Amazing jewelry!

  77. Oh my goodness, I love your style! Your pieces touch inside somehow in a subtle way. I really love your moon faces too and the colors you use.

  78. So many gorgeous pieces from your goodies - love them all!!! I especially love your Yoga inspired leather bracelet!

  79. Gorgeous creations...I love the bracelet with the starfish and shell charms best!

  80. my favourite are the lapis lazuli earrings!

  81. Birgitta, you always create such wonderful and unique pieces. I love that last bracelet, and all your awesome earrings. And you are so sweet to offer those beautiful ceramics. Thank you!!

  82. wow fantasic pieces you've designed ... I especially love the bracelets, and those lampwork triangles are beautiful =)

  83. Simply beautiful. Thank you so much, because of your reveal, I now have an ideal that is going to solve the slump I've been in involving my own reveal. That is what is so great about this Party, so many people play along, that you are bound to be inspired by someone.

  84. I love that first pendant you created! That is stunning!

  85. You did an AMAZING job with all of your lovely designs—so inspiring! *Ü*

  86. WOW!! Birgitta, your ceramic art beads are truly incredible ... LOVE THEM ... so entering for the giveaway!! And your jewelry creations are Beautiful. Thanks for giveaway and the feast for our eyes!

  87. Birgitta - such beautiful, inspirational designs - and I especially love the global influence behind them. How wonderful!

  88. The necklace with the Mother of Mercy medal is the most beautiful thing I've seen for a long time. Such an uplifting creation. ~diana

  89. I love all of the earrings! Wonderful designs on the necklaces and bracelet.

  90. Beautiful job with your bead soup. I especially like the earrings with the red triangles.

  91. So unique...I love the first necklase =)

  92. You did a fantastic job with your bead soup. I bet you'll want to keep them all!

  93. Love the earrings, they are fabulous!

  94. Great job, every piece is unique. My fovourite is the blue set.

  95. Wow - such delicious soup you made - I love every piece! Fabulous!!

  96. Now you have heard it 100 times, but once more: you have made excellent work! Can't help it, scandinavian taste is best (if you ask scandinavians).

  97. what a fabulous array of finished jewellery. I don't think I can pick a favourite. lovely, lovely work

  98. Really beautiful!!! Love the beads and the way you used the kyanite! Great Job!!! Have a Blessed Day!

  99. What a wonderful collection of 'Soup' based jewelry. I especially love your Talisman necklace.

  100. Oh my gosh they are all amazing but the kyanite piece is just so right up my alley, stunning!

  101. Wonderful work! All of your pieces are lovely! :D

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  103. Such beautiful creations...WOW! You really made use of your beautiful bead soup!! Awesome work!

  104. I like your work very much. The expression of your self really comes through. I am glad to have found your site thanks to BSP

  105. Vilka fantastiska kreationer Birgitta! Älskar det första halsbandet särskilt och örhängena därtill. Det är så roligt att se "soppan" du fick, och hur du har använt den på ett sätt så att smyckena ändå känns så totalt "DU". Kram, Malin

  106. You did a wonderful job with your soup: rich, elegant, organic pieces. They are all very wearable and absolutely delicious!

  107. I am loving the charm keeper and the very nontraditional charms you made! I also love the leather bracelet with the Buddha head - the mixed leathers look awesome!

  108. Your pieces are all lovely, but the earrings (all of them!) really caught my eye in particular. Great work, and so many pieces from your soup!

  109. Amazing work! All of your creations are unique and beautiful. I especially like what you did with the first necklace with the copper ring to hold everything and I love the earrings as well.

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  111. I love the focal in you Blue necklace! Such a cool idea!

  112. Love the variety in your creations. Particularly attracted to the kyanite necklace.

  113. Love all of your creations -that hunk of Kyanite is just breathtaking.

  114. Love your pieces, Birgitta! Just a month or so ago I made a charm necklace for a friend's 50th birthday using that same component in the Kyanite necklace....I made mine by hand as you likely did, and they are pretty much identical. Great minds think alike!

  115. All your pieces are great. You did a nice job using your BS bounty.

  116. Your healing necklace is marvelous. Very inspiring the way you used the varied elements of the bead soup.

  117. all your pieces are fabulous..loved the soup your received,too

  118. I can't believe all the pieces you made with your soup! They are great!

  119. Amazing pieces from a great soup!

  120. Gorgeous, gorgeous pieces. Love your style.

  121. The first necklace is really cool, as are the matching earrings. And the red necklace and earrings, and, everything :)

  122. Everything you made is just beautiful. Love it all. Great job.

  123. Beautiful and SO unique!! Love your soup!!

  124. ~one of my favorites thus far...each piece is unique... tranquil and calming to ones eye...gorgeous pieces you have created...much love light and blessings~

  125. Lovely soup, and I just love every piece you have created from it - can't even choose a favorite since all pieces are so lovely :)

  126. Stunning, i love each piece you have made.

  127. All of your pieces are definitely exceptional! I'm partial to your blue set. . .especially that necklace. It's so yummy! Oh, and that bracelet you made with the clasp looks absolutely comfy. Awesome!

  128. Beautiful jewellery. I would wear everything ;-) I recognized with the second or third view that your blue earrings are a little bit different. Thats great.
    Greets Gite

  129. Your work is never dull! I always love what you make Birgitta!Your jewellery always is YOU and unique!x

  130. Beautiful!

    My favourite is that bog pendant with red leather necklace <3

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