tisdag 28 februari 2012

I am so lucky and BTW

To have found a lot of artistic friends all over the world thanks to my beading obsession 
so there are  some things to show ya at my bead table today

I got those gorgeous raku  fired dogwood flowers  some days ago from my dear friend
Dorcas Midkiff at Woundrousstrange designs
I keep them on my table and think of her every day sending her healing thoughts
 as she just now struggle with cancer treatments 
Those flowers are at the top of beauty I ever saw in ceramic art beads !!

And those horses are at my table too...got them from the lovely  Rebekah Payne at 
We made an exchange of beads and she made the ivory one specially for me 
I love those horses and she also sent a surprise for me :)

Those gorgeous running horses  actually a new style she just made and Im the lucky
owner of the first pair !!  Thank You Rebekah  :) I do love them ALL!

And some other beauties even if not beads 
 gorgeous paper tags specially made for my line of jewelry I will sell in a  store at Ängsbacka Kursgård in Sweden 
made by Sommer at Summer Time Designs  She is making a big bunch in exchange for some of my jewelery  :)   Thank You Sommer !

So I would also like to show what was found in the kiln early this morning
I fired up higher than usual 2200 F ( 1200C)testing some new clay types

This is a VERY rustic kind of clay i got from a pottery artist friend
I like the way it turned out with this redox glaze as I like things to look 
very oooooooooold

This is a very black clay that also turned out good
looks like old iron IRL   as most of the times pictures do not do them justice

Porcelain with a wash of brass glaze  turned out a bit bone looking :)

and finally a porcelain pendant with a new matte green glaze

I wish You all a good and  creative day 


8 kommentarer:

  1. I love them all. Especially the bone looking beads. You do wonderful work.

    1. Thank you Roberta! I love Your beads too and it is time to use them :)

  2. I love that brass glaze on the porcelain. It's just beautiful!

    1. Thanks Natalie ! I did glaze some more today and will try again but this glaze is very unpredictable and also I made it thicker..:) so we will see..

  3. Beautiful! I especially love the rustic ones. Those look like you unearthed them from some archeological dig, and those leaping ponies from Miss Rebekah are so sweet! Enjoy the day!

    1. Thank you Erin!
      just what I was trying to achieve (spelled?)
      it is exciting with old looking stuff:) especially as I am a bit sensitive (negative sometimes ) to use old things with old energies in them...

  4. The rustic and black clay... so earthy. And look out, more good stuff flying your way. ;)

    1. lol I know Cece actually I waited with the post one day to look in the mail but there will be more posts :)
      I do have some other beauties from skilled and lovely artists over there ..and here and there ..and everywhere ...:) XX